Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nuclear Submarine Accident...UPDATE....Read Between Lines

Rest EASY Comrades, we have Russian News sources telling us that everything is A OK on a as yet unidentified nuclear submarine, even though 1/5 of those on board were either KILLED or INJURED when the fire-extinguishing system of this antiquated nuclear submarine accidently LAUNCHED ITSELF...I am sure you believe every word DEAR COMRADES! Shaking head...folks, we need to READ BETWEEN THE LINES HERE. All is well, but:

1. The sea trials were HALTED.

2. Anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs and the rescue vessel Sayany are accompaning the submarine TO AN UNDISCLOSED TEMPORARY BASE.

3. First Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Kolmakov and Navy commander-in-chief, Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky ARE RACING TO SCENE OF THE ACCIDENT for a first hand assessment of the unfolding situation.

Again, the Russian Navy spokesperson is INSISTING that the onboard reactor is SAFE! Then tell us where the accident is, let independent investigator onboard the submarine!


Tor Hershman said...

Them wacky ex-commies.

Reagan said...

Heavens above!

Yes, there is the stability and might of Putin...rickety old nuclear subs cruising like Yugos of the sea.

This is where socialism leads: decades of Cold War, and then embarrassing international incidents. Maybe I'll clip a picture and send it to all the newly elected liberal illuminati who want to form a new youth program and seize our assets to shore up our own rickety vessel - Social Security.