Sunday, November 2, 2008

Presidential Campaign...Closing Hour Predictions

My first prediction...does not matter who wins, we are going to see some very UGLY things in the days after the election. Red Neck America will lash out of Barack Obama wins the election, and if John McCain steals the election through voter suppression, fraud and other criminal actions, look for MAJOR RIOTS across America.

I predict and Obama win on Election Night with him winning at least 340 Electorial votes.

As for the Senate...if it is a BIG NIGHT for Obama (over 350 Electorial Votes) look for a super majority of 61 seats in the Senate. Below 340, and look for the Democrats to have 58 seats in the Senate.

In the house...I am predicting at least a 25 seat gain.

Wednesday will get ugly anyway we slice it. When the shock really sits in, when the radical right wing of the Republican Party realizes they have lost everything, hold onto your seats...worse...look for Sarah Palin to be leading the radical fringe into battle as she beats the drums of hate and religious intolerance.

In closing...look for President Elect Obama to instantly start trying to lower public expectations as he starts back pedaling on campaign promises.


Reagan said...

Let's hope that middle America sees through the liberal illuminati rhetoric that is clouding the landscape at every turn.

Socialistic principles, corrupt campaign practices and a thin resume are the symptoms of the Chicago political machine.

Royce Penstinger said...

Hey Reagan:

Always nice to know that some of the Foxinista rabid right wing born again, Palin loving bigots read my blog.

Good bad or ugly, the Republicans need to realize they are going to wake up tomorrow morning into a nation controlled by, and run by Democrats.