Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just In On CNN...New Mexico Goes Obama

New Mexico goes to Obama, and that puts him right on the official bubble of 200 as he sits at 199. Popular vote is almost a DEAD HEAT right now! Of course, when you plug in California for Barack, as well as Oregon, and Washington State, this is a BLOW OUT in the Electoral College. You look at the tight states that might tilt in Obama's favor on the East coast such as Virginia, Indiana and North Carolina, and we are talking a whole new Blue State, Red State Map.

Meanwhile, CNN has just made some more projections, and the night keeps getting uglier for John McCain. Obama wins Iowa! He is over 200 Electoral votes! McCain gets Utah and Kansas...he wins the Mormon vote.

Love watching the networks try to keep this interesting...they have themselves broadcasting until 2 AM, and we can all see this election IS OVER!

1 comment:

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