Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thoughts on Our First Mulatto President

Just watched John McCain deliver his concession speech out in Arizona, his wife and family by his side. Looking at the bottom of my TV screen, see the Electoral Vote currently stands at 338 for Obama and 155 for McCain with some yellow states (undecided) still not called. It is official that America has her first Mulatto President. Not trying to split hairs here, nor am I trying to detract from the importance that this moment represents for the Black Community...watching Reverend Jackson in Chicago, tears freely streaming down his face spoke volumes. However, it is important that we as a nation not make Obama a black president, it is important that we as a nation not make him the President of the Black Community. He is America's President, he is half White, half Black, and ALL AMERICAN.

Moving forward, we are a wounded nation, many wounds open, raw and bleeding. Look in almost any direction, and you find a divided populace, a divided nation, and divided neighborhoods as every faction guards against attack. The poor sent the rich, the rich distrust and dislike everyone else, most in the lower and middle class dislike or hate Illegal Aliens, and the Illegal Aliens hate them, while the rich and elite laugh at both as they take advantage of their labors to make themselves even richer than they are. Red states, blue states, conservatives hating liberals, and left hating right. We are a divided nation, and if any one thinks this election, Obama winning the White House has some how changed things, you are sadly mistaken.

How quickly will many of us turn on Obama if he tries to shove Amnesty for Illegal Aliens down our throats? How quickly will many of us Boomers turn on him, and his Congress if he or they try to steal away our Social Security...it is ours, WE HAVE PAID FOR IT, and many of us are willing to fight for what is rightfully ours, fight for our retirement, fight for the security in our Golden Years that Social Security is supposed to represent. Flip side of this coin...how quickly will the Latino community turn on Obama if he doesn't push for pathway to citizenship for some 15-25 million illegal aliens? How many Americans will turn against Obama if he does not step in and save millions of homeowners from foreclosure? How many of us will turn against him if he does step in and save those homes from foreclosure, while offering the rest of us who played by the rules NOTHING?

There is a certain justice in the fact that Barack Obama is half black, half white, the best of what both races have to offer, a man that has one foot hopefully planted firmly in both of these two separate and unique communities. His presidency will succeed or fail on his ability to be the leader of ALL OF AMERICAN...if he becomes the black peoples President, he will fail as president, and it is very possible that failure would also see us as a nation fail.


phatso said...

".if he becomes the black peoples President, he will fail as president, and it is very possible that failure would also see us as a nation fail."

and with his church ideology, what can one expect?

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