Sunday, November 2, 2008

Proposition Eight is Personal...Do The Right Thing

Some people do not understand me, say it is impossible for me to be a Conservative Liberal. Sure I can example, when it comes to illegal aliens, I would probably put myself strongly into the VERY RADICAL RIGHT WING of the Republican Party. They (illegal aliens) violated our laws, are criminals no matter who tries to say otherwise. They are lowering the wages of those in the lower and middle class, are stealing our jobs, and in some cases (mine included) have lowered the values of our homes, are destroying to some degree our neighborhoods. In short, my position on the issue SCREAMS conservative!

Then we have Proposition 8 out in California, and other similar efforts in states such as Colorado. How can any one morally or ethically defend their opposition of Gay Marriage? We are America, one of the core tenets of our constitution is EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL! Marriage is a legal right and responsibility with privileges and responsibilities governed BY LAWS, certified and recognized by a GOVERNMENT ISSUED Marriage License. The church has nothing what so ever to do with the Marriage License, or the legal contract that it represents. A church BLESSES a marriage. No one is FORCING CHURCHES to recognize or bless gay fact, the church's blessing and/or recognition is not necessary! Two people, regardless of their sexual orientation or sex identification should be allowed too be married to the person of their choice with the full LEGAL RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES that a marriage license represents.

Ask a abused child who grew up in a heterosexual Christian household if they would prefer living in a non abusive gay Christian household, and I'd be willing to bet that abused child would choose the gay household. That's not a completely intellectual an abuse survivor, wish I would have had such a choice as a child. I know first hand that being heterosexual does not guarantee a good marriage, does not defacto make two people great candidates for parenthood. My parents went to church on Sunday, prayed to their Jesus, were respected members of that community...Monday through Saturday was a different story. For that matter, how come none of those supposed Christians ever spoke up...surely they could see my bruises?

What happened to the parable we were taught in Bible School that preaches, "Let he without sin cast the first stone."? Never mind, being rhetorical's like a basic principle of Christianity says God gives us FREEDOM OF CHOICE, yet Christians in the name of God want to take that away when it comes to the Pro Life verse Pro Choice debate. Curious here...can you explain to me your reasoning...when I ask how God could let me be abused, I've been told by religious leaders that God gives us freedom of choice, and sometimes others make bad choices that see bad things happen to good people...should not that same arguement apply to abortion?Should it not be up to a woman to decide what she wants to do with her body, and what is inside of it? Again a rhetorical question...if Christians really believed in God and the messages of Jesus, they would respect the gift of Choice that God has given us, would let people use that freedom of choice in choosing their life partners.

Do the right thing California, and preserve a gay couples right to be LAWFULLY WEDDED. Vote NO on Prop 8!

Gay-marriage supporters work to make voters' choices on Proposition 8 personal ones

Nancy Ayllon, left, and Shawny Woodward kiss during a No on Proposition 8 rally Sunday, Nov. 2, 2008... Expand

As California voters prepare to decide Tuesday whether to eliminate the marriage rights same-sex couples won five months ago, gays and their allies have been encouraged to tell co-workers and neighbors why legalizing the unions matters to them.

Same-sex couples who have married since June knocked on doors in neighborhoods across the state on Sunday to share stories with the voters they hoped to persuade to defeat Proposition 8.

In recent weeks, other gay opponents of the ban, including a Roman Catholic priest, a former Republican mayor and a small-town newspaper editor, came out of the closet to show how the issue cuts across religious and social lines.

Proposition 8 has turned into this year's most expensive election question aside from the presidential race. Religious and civil rights groups have poured money and effort into the drive, making it one of the nation's most closely watched races.

During his 23 years as a priest in the San Joaquin Valley, the Rev. Geoffrey Farrow offered solace to a mother who did not know how to relate to her lesbian daughter and to an 11-year-old boy who thought he might be gay.

Yet it was not until some parishioners confided they were confused about how to vote on Proposition 8 that Farrow, 50, decided he had an obligation to minister to a bigger audience — even if it meant publicly disagreeing with his bishop and other church leaders.

"By asking all of the pastors of the Diocese of Fresno to promote Catholics to vote yes on Proposition 8, the bishop has placed me in a moral predicament," Farrow began a homily he gave Sunday, Oct. 5. "They are making a statement which has a direct, and damaging, effect on some of the people who may be sitting in the pews next to you today."

He asked his parishioners to consider that their votes "can cause other human beings untold happiness or sorrow for a lifetime." Then he concluded by observing that he was prepared for any consequences of his words.

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