Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Obama Family Needs to Sell Their House

Barack Obama's House - Kenwood - Chicago by Mark 2400.
Just watched a video over on ABC, and the Obama needs to END THEIR SELFISHNESS and sell their home in Hyde Park area of Chicago. With all due respect to the future President, it is totally unfair to expect all the citizens living within FIVE BLOCKS of your home to be completely inconvenienced for the next 4-8 years. American citizens have RIGHTS, and it is patently unfair for you, your family, and the Secret Service to expect them to sacrifice those rights so that you can maintain your inner city residence in the Chicago area.

Winter coming, and citizens inconvenienced because the Secret Service decides their bus stop must be moved! Homeowners not allowed to FREELY drive their cars to and from their homes, park in front of their own houses because of the security risk THAT YOU POSE. Christmas coming, and families cannot have company over for dinner without some MAJOR example, guests have to park outside of the security zone, walk to the security zone, then be ESCORTED to your home for dinner.

When Bill and Hillary purchased their home in Chappaqua (about eight miles from here) at the end of a culdesack, there were some minor inconveniences, but nothing like what Barack Obama's neighbors are being forced to endure. These neighbors need to get themselves and attorney and seek a TRO against the Secret Service and Barack Obama...their full use and enjoyment of their property is being majorly impacted, and that amounts to a taking without due process of law.

Sorry Obama, but stop SCREWING YOUR NIEGHBORS that live within five blocks of your abode by moving out and selling the house.

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