Thursday, November 6, 2008

Disgusted With California's Black Homophobic Bigotry This Election Cycle

It is sadly ironic to learn that on Black America's greatest night, their own California Black Homophobic Bigotry played a crucial role in denying gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered citizens of California their equal rights. You see, blacks in California showed their homophobe mindset, their hatred of the gay community on Election Day by voting 70 to 30 percent in banning gay marriage, in supporting Prop 8. Where is Barack Obama in this discussion, where is he today in condemning his own black community's bigotry? Can someone explain to me how it is that the Black Community is fine in DEMANDING FAIR AND EQUAL TREATMENT FOR THEMSELVES, while they think nothing of spitting on the rights of gay Americans? You lose the right to cry racism when you yourself show the world you are a racist, homophobic bigot. Let's dragged the ugly baby out from under the living room rug...blacks seem to have a very serious problem with gay people, a problem with homosexuality.

Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks must be crying up heaven at the hypocrisy of California's Black Community. Marriage is not just between a man and woman, and has NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION OR YOUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS...marriage is a right, and you either support LEGAL RIGHTS for all, or you are not deserving of the rights you have. Again, it is sad that California's Black Community has forever sullied and stained their greatest moment in history by showing themselves to be nothing more than hypocritical homophobic bigots.

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