Saturday, November 1, 2008

National Chamber of Commerce Be Warned...Main Street Will Not Accept AMNESTY

Agriprocessors needs to serve as a HARSH warning to the National Chamber of Commerce and any of its members that HIRE ILLEGAL ALIENS. Main Street America does not want scum illegal aliens in our work force, we will not accept AMNESTY (Pathway to citizenship) for CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS who have stolen our jobs, and lowered our wages. We will continue to raise our voices, we will continue to keep the heat on Congress, and we will see to it that ICE and DHS do their jobs, conduct more raids, deport more illegals, fine more companies, and put more company officials in prison. We in the lower and middle class have been cheated LONG ENOUGH, and the days of H1 Visa's and illegal aliens run amok must come to an end. Ending the H1 Visa program, securing our borders, and DEPORTING THOSE HERE ILLEGALLY will put those 800,000 Americans who have lost their jobs back to work, will JUMP START OUR AMERICAN ECONOMY BY EMPLOYING AMERICANS...the time to end Illegal Alien domination of our work force must end, Illegal Aliens must no longer be allowed TO STEAL OUR AMERICAN DREAM. Agriprocessors is the EXAMPLE! The raid on their plant, the deportation of those working there illegally, the ARREST of Sholom Rubashkin, the former chief executive, in Iowa on federal charges of conspiring to harbor illegal immigrants is a signal that Main Street is restless, that Main Street wants Wall Street Villians and Corporate Criminals held accountable, imprisoned for life if necessary! Let the 111th Congress, and President elect Barack Obama take notice...America's Main Street does not want illegal alien criminals given a pathway to citizenship, does not want them being granted Amnesty. LEt the 111th Congress and President Elect Obama take not that we do not want illegal aliens given access to Social Security, we do not want illegal aliens given Universal Health Care, and we do not want our government enabling illegal aliens in their quest to steal OUR DREAM for their families! AMERICANS FIRST!
Troubled Iowa Meatpacker Defaulted on Loan, Bank Says
Published: November 1, 2008

A federal judge has appointed a temporary receiver for a kosher meatpacking company in Iowa after a bank said that the company had defaulted on a $35 million loan and that it had written $1.4 million in bad checks.

The loan foreclosure against the company, Agriprocessors Inc., was the latest in a cascade of troubles that have come after nearly 400 illegal immigrant workers were arrested in a raid in May at its plant in Postville, Iowa. On Thursday, Sholom Rubashkin, the former chief executive, was arrested in Iowa on federal charges of conspiring to harbor illegal immigrants.

In a lawsuit filed Thursday in federal court in Cedar Rapids, First Bank Business Capital of St. Louis claimed that Agriprocessors had failed to maintain enough cash in designated bank accounts to stay current on the revolving loan it took out in 1999. The lawsuit was first reported Friday on the Web site of The Forward, a Jewish newspaper.

The suit also claims that Agriprocessors violated the loan terms by diverting nearly $1.4 million from First Bank accounts to another bank to issue payroll checks on Oct. 24. First Bank learned that those checks were returned for insufficient funds, the lawsuit says.

The suit says Agriprocessors had begun to fall behind on the revolving loan during the quarter that ended March 31, suggesting that its financial woes predated the raid, which decimated its workforce.

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