Saturday, November 1, 2008

Barack Make The Tough Call...Ask ICE To Deport Your Aunt

Dear Barack Obama:

Being president requires a candidate to make TOUCH CHOICES. In the past 48 hours America has learned that your Aunt is living in America as an Illegal Alien. It is my belief that America is a nation of laws, it is my belief that our immigration laws as written should be obeyed if our Constitution and Bill of Right hold any real value to us as citizens of the United States of America. It is no accident that you have been given this test in the closing hours of this election, are being asked to show your metal as a leader. Your Aunt is here in America as an Illegal Alien, and I am calling on you now to formally ask ICE to deport her immediately. In this fashion, you have the chance to win over undecided voters, have the chance to sway many Republican voters to your cause by taking a stand against illegal aliens, against those that break our laws, against those that willfully choose to ignore our sovereign borders. Show us as Main Street Americans that you are a President who believes our laws mean something by publically asking ICE to take your Aunt into custody, by asking the courts and ICE to deport her from America.

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