Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama Goes Prime Time

We have about 20 minutes before Obama goes Prime Time...have to decide which channel to watch him on since CNN begged off carrying the speech. Doubting here that I will get the answers that I want from Obama, but does not really matter, since I live in one of those forgetten states (New York) where we and our votes are simply TAKEN FOR GRANTED. I want to know why Obama is willing to grant Amnesty to 12-25 Million illegal alien criminals. We do have a choice, and that choice is called DEPORTATION. I also want to know if he plans on giving Universal Health Care to ILLEGAL ALIENS.

America's lower and middle classes have paid a high enough price, and granting amnesty to scum criminals would be adding insult to not tell me such talk is racist, as it is not. Illegal Aliens are criminals, have broken at least four of our laws if they are working in this country as illegal aliens. That puts them on par with murderers, rapists, child molesters, drug dealers and other criminal elements that should be dealt with harshly. Make an example of a few Catholic Priests and Corporate Presidents by throwing them in prison for five years and watch how fast the Jobs/Services magnets dissappear.

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