Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sarah Palin GOES ROGUE DIVA, Starts Eating Her Own!

Who Can I Walk All Over Today?
It has been obvious for week now that Sarah Palin has been reading off her own script, has not been filing the directives of the McCain Campaign. Well, as John McCain's campaign goes down in flames, seems that some of his staff are coming out with some Straight Talk of their own, are blowing the whistle on Sarah Palin the Rogue Cunt Bitch that eats her own staff, and does not even hold HONEST COUNCIL with her own family (including Todd). For anyone paying close attention to the election season, we saw this one coming...the first MAJOR SIGN that she was her own Rogue candidate came when she PUBLICALLY disagreed with John McCain's decision to pull up stakes in Michigan.

If Alaska has any sense at all, they will put a STAKE IN THIS WOMAN's career by finding her quilty of the Abuse of Power charge, impeach her and be done with it once and for all. At least that way, we Americans will not have to deal with her running for the Republican nod in 2012.

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