Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Illegal Alien Solution is DEPORTATION

A Barack Obama Presidency

The Agenda/Mandate for Change/Dealing with Illegal Aliens

With the Ashley Todd racist hoax all but guaranteeing an Obama win in Pennsylvania, this Presidential Race is over, Barack Obama destined to be the next President of the United States of America. He has run an election centered around a message of change, has promised to make America once again a place where the average Main Street American gets a fair shake. There are promises on the table to Save Social Security, to lower taxes for 95 percent of Americans, and provide Health Care for all. As an American, as a Main Street American, I have been giving the subject of change much thought, and feel it imperative that Barack Obama the candidate bring change to America as our President that is CHANGE WE WANT, is change in the best interest of Main Street America, rather than in the best interest of ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Perhaps I am wrong, but much of the change we need must center on the subject of Illegal Aliens, those who provide them aid and comfort, those who hire them. The candidate Obama has made overtures to the Illegal Alien community through such racist and bigoted organizations as La Raza, and as America’s president, he must realize that Amnesty, that a pathway to citizenship for 15-25 Million Illegal Aliens IS UNACCEPTABLE. America’s lower and middle class have been wronged by Wall Street, by the National Chamber of Commerce, by our elected officials, and the time has come to restore justice, to return America to a nation of laws that protects its own citizens, rather than coddling to ILLEGAL ALIENS in the name of cheap wages for Corporate America.

Health Care and the uninsured…fact is, that half of those people in America who are uninsured are Illegal Aliens and their Anchor Babies. Repatriate these illegal alien criminals and their families back to their homelands, and we have reduced the number of uninsured in America by 50 percent without spending ONE THIN DIME. Further, because companies would have no choice but to compete for qualified LEGAL workers, wages and benefits for lower and middleclass Americans would go up across the board, thus seeing millions of those now uninsured getting medical coverage, or being able to afford it. The time of punishing America’s lower and middleclass in the name of a corporate agenda must come to an end, our politicians either representing the will of the majority, or being FORCED OUT OF OFFICE by any means necessary.

The candidate Obama has spoken about stagnant wages for America’s lower and middleclass workers on Main Street. The biggest contributor to stagnant wages is first and foremost illegal aliens followed in a close second by the H1 Visa program that must be mothballed for a period of at least ten years while America takes care of its own hurting and abused work force. Illegal Aliens reduce wages for the lower and middleclass by some $230 Billion dollars a year; have depressed the average American Family’s wages by over 7 percent. That figure raises to over 9 percent for the African American family, and the wages of young black men between 16 and 25 have seen their wages depressed by over 13 percent because of illegal aliens in the workforce. Couple this with companies like Microsoft using the H1 Visa program to lower wages by bringing in foreigners, rather than hiring American College Graduates, and we have an untenable situation wherein the root cause is a uncontrolled, unsecured Southern Border with Mexico, unchecked illegal immigration into America, coupled with a far too generous legal immigration program.

Though some might disagree, a huge contributing factor to the meltdown of the mortgage industry came about as a result of lending to those in America illegally. For those of us unfortunate enough to have tenements in our neighborhood where 20-40 illegal aliens, ignoring zoning rules and regulations, are all living under one roof, we are paying a tremendous price for our Federal Government’s refusal to ENFORCE OUR LAWS. Illegal aliens in our communities are bringing increased crime, deteriorating communities, and ever decreasing home values as a result of illegal aliens who disrespect our culture, our laws, who are infiltrating our communities, and trying to force their cultures on us against our will. Sorry, but we do not drive without licenses, we do not routinely park in the middle of the street, we do not play Latino music loud enough to be heard two blocks away, we do not routinely urinate out in public, against building walls, or onto the tires of whatever car happens to be conveniently parked. This is America, and we do not want to, nor should we have to drive down our streets and see Mexican flags flying from front porches where American Flags should wave. This is not racism, this is about demanding that OUR CULTURE be respected, that our rules be obeyed. If I want to experience the Mexican culture, I’ll attend a Mexican Festival here in America, or I’ll travel to Mexico. I do not feel it fair, or just for them to force their culture onto neighborhoods by force, through ill mannered ignorance and ignoring of our laws.

Oddly, or perhaps not, these complaints and angers are not expressed to or against those who have immigrated here LEGALLY. Those citizens (future citizens) want to embrace our American culture, they want too abide by and respect our laws. They as a whole strive to become a part of a community, rather than attempt to change it, and turn it into a mirror reflection of their home countries. Unfortunately, most of those here illegally have NO INTEREST in being Americans, have no interest in adopting to our culture, embracing our American way of life, learning to read, write and speak OUR ENGLISH LANGUAGE…all they are here for, is to work, even if their working means stealing jobs from Americans, lowering our wage bases, bringing down the quality of life that makes America the great land of opportunity that it is. How many illegal aliens are only here to earn enough money to go back to their home country with their spoils? Read former Mexican President Fox’s and current President Calderon’s desires for their citizens in America. They want their citizens to have the right to legal migrate north of the border as it suits them, have all rights of American Citizenship while here, then have the right to take their spoils, and go back to MOTHER MEXICO. Simply stated, illegal aliens ARE TAKERS, and it is time they be held fully and completely liable for their crimes.

We need America’s Legal Citizens and Legal Immigrants of every color, creed, nationality chanting in the streets of every major city, “DEPORTATION, DEPORTATION, DEPORTATION”, we need those who are here in America legally to demand enforcement of our immigration laws AS WRITTEN, rather than allowing special interest groups and the National Chamber of Commerce to cloud the issue, and push for AMNESTY under the guise of a Pathway to Citizenship. Illegal Aliens are CRIMINALS, they are not undocumented workers, not undocumented immigrants, they are by FEDERAL LAW and DEFINATION both Illegal Alien, and CRIMINAL. There is no debate, we do not need comprehensive Immigration Reform, but instead WE NEED OUR LAWS ENFORCED.

You may not like this Mr. Obama, but simply stated, we do not need these illegal aliens, nor do WE WANT THEM. They are not filling jobs Americans will not do, but instead are lowering the wage scales in certain industries to a point where we law abiding citizens cannot afford to do those jobs unless we want to live like illegal aliens do here in America and in their third world countries, where 20-40 family members all live under one roof in deplorable conditions…very much the way illegal aliens are living here in America, so that they can SAVE MONEY to send back home in the way of remittances. As our next President Mr. Obama, your job is to PROTECT AMERICAN CITIZENS, not kowtow to the likes of President Calderon of Mexico who has continued encouraging his nation’s citizens to violate our borders, encouraged his citizens to ROB AMERICA OF OUR RICHES and send them back to the Mexican Motherland. All illegal aliens are criminals, it just so happens that Latino nations, and specifically Mexico and their citizens are the biggest violators of our national sovereign borders. You cannot greatly reduce illegal immigration to America without targeting Mexico, without targeting the Latino Population of Mexico and other Latino nations who are ignoring our laws, who are encouraging their nation’s poor and illiterate to migrate to America.

It is time to STOP LYING to America’s lower and middleclass citizens. Illegal Aliens by LAW are illegal aliens. They are not undocumented workers; they are not undocumented immigrants…THEY ARE CRIMINALS. Those who aid and abet illegal aliens in staying in America (Catholic Church) are criminals. Those who hire illegal aliens are criminals. There is no discussion, there is no denying a very basic FACT…illegal aliens, those who aid and abet their being here, and those who hire them are CRIMINALS.

Is America about Fairness and Justice for all?

Either DEPORT all those here illegally, punish all those who are BREAKING OUR LAWS, or let us individually and collectively spiral down into Anarchy where it is every man, woman and child for themselves, where Americans have the right to pick up arms and strike back at those trying to steal our American Dream. We have no reason to respect law enforcement officers who ignore laws, who refuse to arrest criminals because BIG BUSINESS wants them to look the other way when they come into contact with those living and working in America illegally. If illegal aliens, if Corporate America, if the church can ignore the rule of law, can conduct and condone criminal behavior, then why can’t we? To hold us to one standard, to demand that we abide by the laws of our nation, while allowing 15-25 million illegal aliens to ignore our laws, steal our jobs, depress our wages, and destroy our neighborhoods can no longer be tolerated, and our government is either with us, or against us, Barack Obama is either with us as the next President of the United States, or he is against us…there can be no middle ground on this, there can be no negotiation, no Amnesty, no pathway to citizenship. The time to take sides is upon us, we either defend America and its citizens, or we side with those that believe in a lawless society where any thing you do to survive and get ahead is justified. The choice is our individually, and collectively, and it is this writes belief that the only intelligent choice, the only fair choice is to ENFORCE OUR LAWS as written. The time to end illegal immigration is upon us, and the quickest way to bring that into reality, is to send a clear message that those who hire illegal aliens, those who aid and abet them, and the illegal aliens themselves will be dealt with harshly, that the proverbial book WILL BE THROWN AT THEM when they are caught. Only through making examples of the lawless can we see our laws respected. Imprison illegal aliens for a few years before deporting them, jail a few Catholic Priests, seize the assets of a couple of companies, and watch how fast times change, watch how fast millions of illegal aliens will self deport themselves.

  • 51% of all Mexican illegal alien/immigrant households use at least one major welfare program and 28% use more than one program.

    40% use food assistance, 35% use Medicaid, 6% use cash assistance. Our Taxes being used to support ILLEGAL ALIENS, OUR TAXES USED TO SUBSIDIZE ILLEGAL ALIENS STEALING OUR JOBS!

  • 45% of all Latin American illegal alien/immigrant households use at least one welfare program and 24% use more than one program.

    – 32% use food assistance, 31% use Medicaid, 6% use cash assistance. Our taxes used to provide food and medical care to ILLEGAL ALIENS!

  • 20% of native households use at least one welfare program and 11% multiple programs.
    – 11% use food assistance, 15% use Medicaid, 5% use cash assistance.

  • Among Mexican and Latin American households, welfare use is somewhat higher for households headed by legal, as opposed to illegal, immigrants. Thus legalization will likely increase welfare costs still further.

  • 90% of Mexican and Latin American households have at least one worker. Their heavy welfare use reflects their low education levels and resulting low incomes – and not an unwillingness work.
    – 61% of all Mexican immigrants have not graduated high school.
    – 48% of all Latin American immigrants have not graduated high school.
    Simply stated, we have foreign lands sending us their most UNFIT and IGNORANT citizens...may sound harsh, but it is true.

  • There is a common but mistaken belief that welfare programs are only for those who don’t work. Actually, the welfare system is designed to provide low-wage workers, or more often their children, things like food assistance and health care. Which means we are being FORCED to support over FOUR MILLION ANCHOR BABIES, and to some degree their ILLEGAL ALIEN PARENTS!

  • It is the presence of their U.S.-born children coupled with their low education levels that explains why so many Latino illegal alien/immigrant households use the welfare system. Deporting all those here ILLEGALLY would eliminate most of these societal costs being dumped unfairly on the shoulders of Main Street Americans.

  • Most recently arrived immigrants are barred from using welfare programs and this would likely apply to those legalized by the Senate bill – however this is not true in every state, nor does not apply to all programs. Most important, the bar does not apply to the U.S.-born children of immigrants, who are immediately eligible. Which perhaps explains the HIGH BIRTH rate amoung the illegal alien population.

  • There are an estimated 1.4 million households headed by illegal aliens using at least one major welfare program. If even half these families returned to their home countries, the savings for taxpayers could be substantial. Deportation of ILLEGAL ALIENS is, simply stated, good for America and our lower and middle class citizens.

  • If we do not wish to make a large share of illegals return to their home countries, then the United States has to accept the welfare costs. There is no other option. READ THIS VERY CAREFULLY AMERICA!

  • Programs examined in the analysis are food stamps, WIC, school lunch, Medicaid, TANF, SSI, and public/rent-subsidized housing. IMAGINE THAT, we are evening helping PAY THEIR RENT!


    Anonymous said...

    It's time for Pink America. Forget Red States. Obama's election is illegal. Look at all those people power revolutions in Kiyeph and Sayam, Orange and Rose. We are pink. We must take to the streets and prevent this illegal alien from enforcing Shariyah laws in our country and arming all those terrorists and socialists. The Demonrats fixed this election when they lost the Florida recount, when they passed HAVA. George Beller.

    Jack Hendrickson said...

    The time of punishing America’s lower and middle class in the name of a corporate agenda must come to an end, our politicians either representing the will of the majority, or being forced out of office by any means necessary.

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