Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Should Main Street America Plan Protests For World Financial Summit?

Just out from the White House...seems that George Bush is going to hold a WORLD SUMMIT on the Economy in 23 days. Question becomes, should Main Street America take the necessary steps to show up in very large numbers for this Summit to have our voices heard? Has the time come for say 25,000 Truckers and their Rigs to converge on Washington, bringing complete GRIDLOCK to the beltway? Should 25,000 farmers and their tractors converge on Washington, parking their farm equipment on OUR WHITE HOUSE LAWN. Has the time come for the average OUT OF WORK AMERICAN to converge on Washington, DC to demand that our government DEPORT ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS?

Do not kid yourself Middle America, this World Financial Summit will not be about you and I, but instead about saving the UBER RICH, about saving the economies of other nations, but there will be NOTHING for Main Street America, we will not be discussed unless we MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD. We need to put 25 Million hard hit and oppressed citizens in Washington DC for this Financial Crisis Summit.

March for a Middle Class Bailout.
March to say NO TO AMNESTY for Illegal Aliens.
March to demand a LIVING WAGE.
March to Demand Criminal Convictions of Lobbyist and Wall Street Crooks.
March to Bring Our Troops Home.
March to Save Our Houses
March to Save Social Security
March for Green Jobs
March to End Nuclear Industry Bailout
March to Send Message to New President that we DEMAND A CHANGE AGENDA.

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