Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Citizens Should Carry Protection

Americans are supposed to have the right to peaceful assembly, have the right to peacefully protest...apparently, Gestapo Police Officers in towns like Colorado Junction disagree, are willing to step outside the law, use ruthless force in keeping protesters from slowing down Sarah Palin's motorcade. Speak and opposing view, have rogue officers of the law brutally gang tackling you, using the old injure now, ask questions later mentality of leaders like Adolph Hitler. Simply stated, it appears that peaceful protesters must now consider taking steps to protect themselves and their loved ones from unwarranted attacks by radical Right Wing Palin supporters, and out of control, foaming of the mouth local Republican Police officers...perhaps it is time that protesters start looking into the TASER C2 for self protection.

Washington Scandal does not condone, nor encourage attacking police officers. We do though condone self defense, taking whatever means is necessary to protect your body from unwarranted assaults. Get yours before your right to own one is restricted by local ordinances.

We offer the new TASER® C2 package for $349.00

This includes everything that you need for your personal protection:

  • The TASER C2 with integrated laser sight
  • One 15' Air Cartridges
  • A training DVD video
  • A User Manual
  • One Lithium Power Magazine
  • And a Registration Card
    Activation/Registration required for unit to operate.
    Age and background check will be performed at activation.
    Manufactures activation fee of $9.99 is not included in price.

  • TASER C2
    More Information on the TASER® C2$349 plus S/H
    Order at 602 - 810 - 9635
    Selecting the TASER C2
    Visit the TASER C2 Web Store, or email your request to sales@TaserSales.com

    The TASER® X26c
    The most powerful Stun Gun you can own!

    TASER X26C Stun Gun

    The TASER® X26c has more stopping power than a .357 Magnum, but it is not lethal. It sends a electrical pulse of energy that overrides the central nervous system. It tells the muscles to contract, thus dropping the assailant harmlessly to the ground. They have no control.

    The TASER® has been accepted by more than 7,000 police departments. The TASER® is now available to the citizens of the Untied States. It is not considered a firearm. They are legal to carry in most states without permits including California. A few states do have restriction, please check out the State by State Summary for details.

    We offer the Citizen TASER® X26c package for $999.00

    This includes everything that you need to be secure:

  • The TASER® X26c
  • 6 Cartridges
  • A training DVD video
  • Carrying Case
  • DPM Battery
  • And a practice target

  • Citizen Taser Click on picture for details
    More Information on the TASER X26C

    $999 plus S/H

    Selecting the TASER X26C

    TASER® energy weapon's are not considered firearms.
    They are legal to carry in most states without permits (including California).
    Restricted from citizen use in MA, RI, NY, NJ, WI, MI, HI, IL and certain cities and counties.
    Must be 18 years or older to purchase.


    Mike Armstrong said...

    Americans do still have the right to defend themselves and their families!
    I strongly believe in our right to bear arms, and any sort of gun control is a direct invasion of our rights, as stated in the second amendment to the United States Constitution.

    Royce Penstinger said...

    I agree with you Mike and also believe that our police ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT, and when they are wrong, if we have to use fire power to protect our life or are property, we need to do so, and should be legally protected in our use of weapons to protect our homes, property and life. We have seen to many videos lately of police practicing vigilante justice, rather than enforcing the law.

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    Anonymous said...

    The best hearts are always the bravest.


    Anonymous said...

    You can't judge a tree by its bark.