Monday, October 20, 2008

Black Bear Cub Murdered In Racist Hatred Killing

A black bear cub has been found DEAD, a bullet shot through its head...even more disturbing, the body was found covered with two Obama campaign signs that had been stapled together. Seems that the Campus Police have called in the Department of Wildlife Resources to investigate the incident which occured on the campus of Western Carolina University in North Carolina!

Let me get this straight...a dead black bear, a bullet shot through the head is found with TWO OBAMA posters covering its body, and campus security DOES NOT CALL IN THE SECRET SERVICE? Are you FUCKING Crazy? This is not a deer poached out of season, or a bear improperly bagged...this is a hate incident, perhaps could be seen as a threat against the future President of the United States of America! UPDATE...apparently the signs were TAPED to the bear, not stapled, and that another sign had been used to make the bear a hat. Meanwhile, some in the local community are wanting to write this incident off as a PRANK (albiet a sick one).

CULLOWHEE - Police at Western Carolina University say a dead bear cub was found dumped on the campus draped with a pair of Barack Obama campaign signs.

The Asheville Citizen-Times reported that Tom Johnson, chief of university police, said maintenance workers reported about 7:45 a.m. Monday finding the 75-pound cub dumped at a roundabout near the Catamount statue at the entrance to campus.

Johnson said it appeared the bear cub had been shot in the head, and that two Obama signs had been stapled together and stuck over the animal's head. Johnson was not available for further comment Monday evening.

University police called in state Wildlife Resources officials to remove the body and help in the investigation.

Bear season is under way in western North Carolina.


Anonymous said...

Racist hatred killing--you have got to be kidding. This is a college prank, albeit a very sick one. By the way, what is a Presient?

Royce Penstinger said...
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Royce Penstinger said...

This was NO HARMLESS PRANK...well, maybe it is if your community is a bunch of closet bigots and racists, but most normal communities would be OUTRAGED at such behavior.

Find it more than suspect that the campus has refused to release photos, and that they brought in the Department of Wilflife so quickly to dispose of the evidence.

Anonymous said...

As a student at WCU, I beg you not to judge all of us based on this incident. Even from a conservative, this is a horrible, sickening act. There is NO reason for behavior like this. Many students, like myself, come from upper-middle class families and do not in any way condone this kind of thinking or behavior. We are college students working to better ourselves. Please believe that the students of Western Carolina are adamant that the individuals involved be brought to justice and punished to the fullest extent. There is no humor in what was done to the bear cub, regardless of the fact that it is bear season.

Anonymous said...

yea dude there is no way that this had anything to do with racism. Just some drunk people thought it would be funny to put a dead ass bear under the cat statue. The bear did not get shot but more like it had been run over or some shit and picked up off the side of the road.

Royce Penstinger said...


This bear situation was HATE SPEECH, was aimed to send a signal to Barack Obama, or his supporters. Trying to pan it off as a prank shows just how stupid and/or racist some folks still are down south.

to the students asking that we not judge them, and the college by this action...give us a reason NOT TO!

1. We want the pictures made public...heck, email them to me at and I will publish them on this blog.

2. We want the investigation turned over to the FBI and Secret Service, not handled by Good Old Boy security on campus.

If this incident is not representative of the campus, then PROVE IT by doing the right thing, instead of trying to sweep the incident under the carpet, and have it written off as a HARMLESS PRANK!

Anonymous said...

I am a graduate student at WCU. There is NO way that you should take this as a "campus" prank. This is an outrage to me, a "pro-Obama" supporter, and an outrage to the student population. It shows that even though strides have been made to reduce things of this matter, some things JUST DON'T CHANGE in some instances. Again, we as students ask that you do not judge us. For all we know, it could have been the local people to have done this, and not a student. But, I will say that my degree doesn't quite mean much to me anymore after something like this... Oh, by the way, the Secret Service HAS been called in to investigate as well.

Royce Penstinger said...

Look...let us be CLEAR HERE...the campus has photographs. They are not being released FOR POLITICAL REASONS. If the campus administration had ANY HONOR, they would release these pictures to the press, and let the chips fall where they may.

As for the investigation...IF security was doing its job on campus, rather than A) sleeping, or B) trying to get laid, they already know who put that bear there.

Again, what is being hid here? Should those pictures be BURIED because America would be OUTRAGED? NO...but, the campus cares more about its reputation than it does being transparent, and letting the truth will out...that, or the Secret Service does not want the pictures out for much the same reason...they want to BURY THE STORY, as it is too HOT TO HANDLE.

Royce Penstinger said...

By the way STUDENTS...some of you know what is going on, might even have pictures.

Do yourselves a favor, do your campus a favor, and come clean via email. You can go to a public library and send email,or pictures. You can leave your truth here on this blog as a comment. Lets bust this investigation open, bring the hate mongers to justice.

Anonymous said...

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