Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Scooping So Called Newscasters Like Rick Sanchez

One of my primary gripes in life, is stations claiming they are 24 hour a day news sources, when in reality they do nothing more than put up reruns for 22 hours a has gotten so bad, that the Anderson Cooper's of the world pretend they are doing an exclusive interview with someone that delivered the same CANNED answers to another CNN reporter a few hours earlier.

One reporter that GRATES my ass is Rick about someone that does not deserve their own show. I find his whole in your face support of Illegal Aliens repugnant, and do not appreciate him trying to make at least one hour of CNN News bilingual hour. This is America...if you cannot learn to read, write and speak English, you do not belong here, and we do not need the likes of Rick Sanchez trying to force feed us Spanish for an hour a day, do not need his breaking into Spanish Stations to bring us breaking news that he interprets for us.

Further, not overly fond of this man's FAKE he did this breaking news story about gunmen at Western Kentucky University, showa us (supposedly) the CNN chopper in the air RACING TOWARDS the University. High DRAMA, Rick Sanchez ahead of the curve on a FAST BREAKING STORY...not exactly. I picked up the phone, made a couple calls onto Campus and got the skinny on the story that Rich Sanchey was blowing up far bigger than it was! I sent him a Twitter with the link to my site that gave him the answers he was wanting...funny how the story SUDDENLY DIED, his CHOPPER in the air vanishing into the mists. His supposed LIVE VIEWER COMMENTS...give us a break, you can see his crew up on Twitter hours ahead BEGGING us to get our streams into him...what is FRESH about that?

So my we as bloggers have a duty to SCOOP news reporters to keep them at least a little honest? Should we race to get ahead of the curve so we can break the story, show America it's not as BIG as certain news reporters would have us believe? By the way, too bring closure to the Western Kentucky University Story, here is their latest Press Release:

For information, contact Bob Skipper at (270) 745-4295.


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Five Western Kentucky University students are being
questioned in connection with two altercations on Wednesday.

WKU’s emergency notification system was activated after WKU Police
received reports of incidents at the South Campus building on Nashville
Road and in the Poland Hall parking lot on the southern end of the main

Students, faculty and staff were advised about 12:30 p.m. to remain
indoors until the all clear was issued about 3 p.m.

All afternoon and evening classes on the main campus and at WKU’s
Bowling Green Community College (South Campus) were canceled.

The South Campus building was evacuated just before noon following
reports of the first incident. WKU Police, Bowling Green Police, Warren
County Sheriff’s Office and Kentucky State Police searched the building
and premises.

As police were clearing the South Campus building, WKU Police received a
report of another incident on the southern end of the main campus.

In both incidents, there were initial reports of shots being fired.
Police have found no evidence of weapons being used in either incident.

“While this was an unfortunate incident, we are extremely pleased with
the cooperation and assistance we received from city, county, state and
federal agencies,” said Howard Bailey, vice president for Student
Affairs at WKU.

WKU used its emergency notification system to alert the campus community
about the incidents and to sound the all-clear.

“We acted in the best interest of our campus family with the information
we had at the time,” Bailey said. “We are happy that the incident proved
to be less serious than original reports indicated.”

An investigation is underway and police are continuing to interview
numerous witnesses. Updates will be posted on WKU’s website,

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