Sunday, October 19, 2008

Communist Red China Issues Taiwan Ultimatum To America

Seems that Beijing wants to use America's financial crisis as an opportunity to end American support of Taiwan Independence, wants to crush Taiwan's independence in much the same way they so far have crushed independence for Tibet. Defense Minister Liang Guanglie of the People's Republic of China DEMANDED that America CANCEL our latest $6.5 Billion dollar arms sale to Taiwan. Let me give you a CLUE Mr. Liang Guanglie, take that BIG STICK OF YOURS, and stick it up your red Chinese Ass! Who the FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? You want to flex your MILITARY MUSCLE, bring it on and us Americans will stop our squabbling with each other long enough to knock your ass back to the Ming Dynasty you TWERP! You want some FREE ADVICE...don't give ultimatums to the United States of America. First, we have bigger and far more accurate bombs than you do, and can deliver a few thousand nuclear bombs up your ass in a short period of time, and secondly, just to piss you off, we just might fund a revolt in the Tibetan Autonomous Region just to piss you off! Let me guess Mr.Liang, you are now going to go whine to Secretary Rice, demand that I apologize? Your rabid, foaming at the mouth netizens going to BOYCOTT me like they did certain companies during your nation's pathetic 2008 Summer Olympic Games...was pleased here to see your nation LOST MONEY on that fiasco!

Beijing demands that a softening U.S. reduce its defense of Taiwan

William R. Hawkins,

Taiwan's U.S.-made Patriot surface to air missile batteries pass during the Republic of China National Day parade in Taipei, Taiwan on Oct. 10, 2007. AP/Wally Santana

On October 13th, Defense Minister Liang Guanglie of the People's Republic of China (PRC) demanded that the United States cancel a $6.5 billion arms sale to Taiwan, saying it created "obstacles" in relations between Beijing and Washington. The United States must "strictly adhere to its commitments on the Taiwan issue, immediately cancel all items regarding arms sales to Taiwan and cease U.S.-Taiwan military relations," he said in Beijing. According to the official Xinhua News Agency, Liang told this to a sympathetic listener, visiting U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE), known for his dovish criticism of Bush Administration policy in Asia as well as the Middle East.

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