Friday, October 24, 2008

More Reasons Why I Think Todd Ashley is Racist Lying Bitch

If through some miraculous stroke of fate Todd Ashley was actually attacked in the manner that she claims, then I am sure all of us in the blogosphere who have doubted her story would send her our sympathies, but this racist attack/host on the Obama campaign in a must win state for John McCain is not adding up. Here are some more reasons to DOUBLE DOUBT the story, more reasons to call Todd Ashley a lying racist bitch.

1. Wasn't she supposed to have been reinterviewed by the police yesterday afternoon? What happened with that interview, and for that matter, where is the BANK VIDEO? Has anyone even verified that she actually WITHDREW FUNDS?

2. The whole chain of events is FAR TOO STAGGED...if you look at her blog and twitter, follow her normally pathetic Twitter and Blog writing style, or lack thereof, then look at how she is suddenly, and perfectly setting the stage for us. DAMN THE TRAFFIC...where was all this traffic a few minutes later when she GOT ROBBED AT KNIFE POINT? I'm looking for X Bank so I don't have to pay a service fee, but then she goes to a DIFFERENT BANK.

3. Once word got out among her friends, don't you think everyone within the Republican Party would have been swamping her twitter with words of concern and sympathy? You don't see this, in fact you hardly see any sympathy, and you do not see Republicans coming out and PASSIONATELY defending her honor either.

4. As is witnessed by her Twitter activity (thanks to those fast enough to take screen shots) we have her less than 24 hours later BACK AT THE PHONE BANKS at the local John McCain headquarters...WOW, WHAT A TROOPER! There she is, the sweet, innocent good little Christian, right leaning, conservative John McCain Supporting Republican volunteer who was attacked BY A BIG, BLACK, DRESSED IN BLACK, VISCIOUS, OBAMA SUPPORTING NEGRO MAN back at her DUTY STATION! Give us a BREAK! Read her twitter, she barely says anything other than I am OK, lets ALL FORGET THIS, and GET BACK TO WORK so we can win this one for John if to say, I did my part, lets hope it won us a few extra votes, maybe helps to turn this BLUE STATE RED.

How stupid does this racist bitch think we are? Less than 24 hours ago she had been visciously ATTACKED. Robbed at knifepoint, then THROWN to the ground, KICKED AND PUNCHED repeatedly, then cruely BRANDED for months, if not LIFE, but she is BACK AT THE PHONES, on Twitter bucking up the troops! If the police actually reinterviewed her, she was back at work almost immediately after the police interview, showing almost NO EMOTION, not even TALKING on Twitter to her friends about the ordeal she had been through.

First, I repeat a question I raised last night...this was an attack on a Presidential Candidates staff...where is the Sercret Service in this investigation, where is the FBI? Secondly, I'd like to hear from a criminal attorney...if, as we presume, Todd Ashley fabricated this whole racist story in an attempt to effect and upset in the toss up state of Pennsylvania, what local, state and federal laws has she broken....further, if as I suspect she has made all this up, does anyone out there think she ACTED COMPLETELY ALONE? Lastly...IF THIS STORY WAS/IS TRUE, how come it has not tsunamied onto the National/International News?


goffchile said...

I think you are right. I live in Pittsburgh and this incident occurred one block from where I used to live. I use that ATM regularly. I can't say whether it occurred or not, but I can tell you that the victim has given contradictory statements to the police and according to her most recent statement, she passed out and didn't know what happened to her--this was after they suggested she take a polygraph.

It was reported here as a mugging gone wrong on a person who was in town to work for McCain. That has translated into the national media as "Obama supporters attacking McCain supporters."

Aside from the contradictory statements and the odd choice of carving a backward B (like looking in a mirror?) into a person's face--a few things I find fishy.

That intersection is extremely busy--there is an active Catholic Church on one corner, a popular restaurant/bar on another corner, an excellent Thai restaurant on the other corner and the bank. In both directions their are a number of busy coffee shops, restaurants, and grocery stores. There is a ton of foot traffic in the evening. The neighborhood is working class and heavily Italian, and Pearl Street is densely residential. I honestly don't see how it is possible that an African American male could mug someone, chase them down, beat them up, sit on them and carve a perfect, yet backwards B, on someone's face at 9pm without a sole noticing.

She may have been mugged, but the rest of the story...doesn't add up. But of course, I don't expect the national media to investigate such things when sensationalism is so much more fun.

Anonymous said...

The Republican Party is just a bunch of white racists. It is filled with a bunch of Angry White Guys (and Gals) who think the 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration Act ruined America because it made it a lot harder for whites from Ireland, England, France, Germany, Italy, etc. to immigrate to the U.S. and made it a lot easier for the Chinese, Indians, Jamaicans, Mexicans, Egyptians, etc. to immigrate to the U.S. What these racists don't GET is that the 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration Act (Thank You Senator Ted Kennedy) greatly increased Diversity in the U.S. which has made OUR Nation stronger and a much more multicultural place to live. Before 1965 Whites of European descent made up 88% of the U.S. population. Now whites only make up 65% of the U.S. population and by 2042 they will only make up 49% of the population. By 2100 Whites of European descent will only make up about 30% of the U.S. population and also by the year 2100 only 3% of the World Population will be White. The 2008 Election is just a turning point in American History though. By the end of this century white Europeans will be out of power in the United States(FINALLY!) and then we can finally end WHITE PRIVILEDGE and can get REAL Affirmative Action, REAL Reparations, REAL Change, and begin to redistribute wealth and property back to those who deserve it. Unfortunately, this won't happen until the White Kids who are in strollers and Elementary School today are in their 60's and 70's. The World is Flat. The white racist Republicans just don't seem to get it!