Friday, October 24, 2008

As We Reported, Ashley Todd LIED (RACIST BIGOT)

As you can see by this newest picture, the B is gone, and we know that Ashley Todd is a bigoted, lying, racist bitch. Of course, we had reached that decision last night based on the evidence...which brings up some questions:

1. Where is the NATIONAL APOLOGY from the McCain Campaign...this was/is one of his volunteers who deliberately tried to interfere with the Presidential Election in a toss up state.

2. So far, Ashley Todd has been charged with filing a FALSE POLICE REPORT...hello, what she did went FAR BEYOND THAT, and I want to know what other charges can and should be brought against her.

Not sure if others agree with me, but this repugnant, racist, bigoted Republican bitch spewed forth hate speech, wrongfully tried to incite racial hatreds to alter and/or change votes in a federal election, and the best we are seeing is a charge of filing a false police report?

Where is FOX News with an apology? They had elevated this story to their front page, even though several of us in the blogging community labeled it from STEP ONE as a HOAX.

I am DISGUSTED! Want my opinion...this woman should be PERMANENTLY TATTOOed with that B!


goffchile said...

If she sets foot in Bloomfield...

The good news is, she just just ruined any hope that McCain had of winning PA.

Anonymous said...

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