Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shite's Want More US Concessions

So Maliki's Shite Party, the fat fuck Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr want more United States concessions on the agreement that would keep American Troops in Iraq for another three years. Here is a clue...our government, our military should tell Maliki, the Shite Party and Mugtada al-Sadr to GO FUCK THEMSELVES, take the deal or cover your on asses, as we are DONE! As it is, Gates is giving away the farm, actually subjecting American Troops to Iraqi courts and Islam Justice! Now they want more concessions?

Here is a clue Maliki...American blood has been shed to free your nation, American dollars to the tune of $10 Billion dollars a month are being spend on the Iraq and your fuck turd Shiite's want to be ingrateful bastards, Islamic Terrorist Mugtada al-Sard wants to play hard ball? FINE...WE QUIT...take care of your own sorry asses, rebuild your own God forsaken country! We'll take our troops, our money and we'll go home! As for George W. Bush...stand up and grow some balls you lame duck piece of shit, worthless assed President in name only, lousy Commander and Chief. For once you in your administration, do the right thing and pick up that Red phone of yours and tell Maliki...that's the deal, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT YOU LITTLE PISS ASS, but stop trying to push America into a corner because the gloves are off.

Shiites: Modify U.S.-Iraq pact
Updated 1h 15m ago

BAGHDAD (AP) — Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's ruling Shiite coalition withheld support Sunday for the proposed security pact that would keep U.S. troops here for three more years, dealing a setback to American hopes of a speedy approval of the agreement.

The statement by the United Iraqi Alliance called for unspecified changes to the draft agreement, which parliament must ratify by the end of the year when the U.N. mandate expires.

The group's move comes a day after tens of thousands of demonstrators, mostly Shiites, took to the streets of Baghdad to show their opposition to the agreement.

The Shiite alliance holds 85 of parliament's 275 seats and al-Maliki needs its solid support to win approval of the agreement by a strong majority.

The 30 lawmakers loyal to anti-American Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr have already said they will vote against the agreement, and some Sunni lawmakers have spoken out against it too.

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