Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sarah Palin Pork! Her Children Traveled 76 Times on State Tab

Apparently Sarah Palin hates pork except when it is for her, or her children...in the barely 18 months that she has been Governor of the state of Alaska, she has billed the state for her children's airline travel SEVENTY SIX TIMES! 64 one way tickets, and 12 round trip tickets. She basically forces her children onto guests lists (rather than hire a baby sitter), and then BILLS THE STATE For their airfare, meals and lodging! Oddly, she has charged the state more for her children traveling with her, than Todd...is he not GOOD ENOUGH to baby sit, or worse, does Sarah Palin not trust her children home alone with Todd Palin?

AP INVESTIGATION: Palin charged state for children's travel, later amended expense reports


The charges included costs for hotel and commercial flights for three daughters to join Palin to watch their father in a snowmobile race, and a trip to New York, where the governor attended a five-hour conference and stayed with 17-year-old Bristol for five days and four nights in a luxury hotel.

In all, Palin has charged the state $21,012 for her three daughters' 64 one-way and 12 round-trip commercial flights since she took office in December 2006. In some other cases, she has charged the state for hotel rooms for the girls.

Alaska law does not specifically address expenses for a governor's children. The law allows for payment of expenses for anyone conducting official state business.

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