Monday, October 20, 2008

Black Bear Hate Murder own guess...The folks at Western Carolina University are more interested in protecting their Campus reputation, and their students than getting to the bottom of a hate crime. A call to Campus Security gleaned little information from Operator 173 who said he would be happy to have Public Affairs contact me in the AM. Here is what was not learned, and surmised:

1. Operator 173 would not confirm or deny that the deceased bear was a black bear, or a brown bear.

2. Opeartor 173 would not say confirm or deny that the Secret Service had been called that could be gained was a "I don't think so." Even though a Mr. Johnson has admitted the incident was meant to DRAW ATTENTION to the election.

Which begs a few questions...why wasn't the crime scene protected and preserved until both Secret Service and the FBI could arrive. Were the campaign signs handled in such a fashion as to preserve finger prints that might have been on them? Did the university even contact their own LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT? Exactly what is being done to get to the bottom of this hate crime, and potential threat against Presidential Candidates?


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