Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Test For New President...Death of Kim Jong-II?

Reported last night on this blog my own belief that North Korea's evil dictator was either dead, or seriously, those predictions are born out to be true as Kim Jong II's health has taken a serious turn for the worse. Which raises the question...will the test our next president faces be dealing with a North Korea devoid of Kim Jong II? What desparate steps will a rudderless decaying North Korea take in the days and weeks after the death of thier leader?

After stroke, brain surgery, leader is re-hospitalized, S. Korea says

SEOUL, South Korea - New South Korean intelligence indicates that ailing North Korean leader Kim Jong Il suffered a serious setback in his recovery from a stroke and has been hospitalized, a newspaper reported Wednesday.

The report in the Dong-a Ilbo newspaper cited an unnamed government official in saying intelligence obtained Sunday suggested "a serious problem" with Kim's health. The report did not elaborate, and South Korea's National Intelligence Service and Unification Ministry said Wednesday they could not confirm it.

Kim, 66, reportedly suffered a stroke and underwent brain surgery in August. A Japanese TV station says his eldest son went to Paris to recruit a neurosurgeon who was flown back to Asia to treat Kim.

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