Monday, October 27, 2008

Love Watching The Republican Pundits Screeching Like Scalded Naked Apes

As Democrats we have had to suffer the likes of Michelle Malkin and Ann (potty mouthed) Coulter for going on 14 years, with the worst of it coming during the George W. Bush presidency. So pardon me if I take a certain glee in watching the Republican Party self destruct on National Television, pardon me while I laugh hysterically at these Republican Shrieking Shrews who are desperately trying to paint the Annihilation of the Republican party as nothing more than a temporary set back caused by a liberal press. The radical rabid religious right wing of the party is watching everything they worked for fall short of its mark...THEY WILL NOT OWN THE SUPREME COURT! The witch hunt is coming to an end, the holy rollers are being corralled as American comes to its short, Roe Verse Wade is SAVED, the Republicans are being sent out into the desert, and at best, we will not see them have any real power until at least 2016, and perhaps far beyond that. If I were not afraid of Sarah Palin filing a law suit to oppose it, would suggest we consider placing Republicans on the Endangered Species List.

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