Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How Stupid is The Joe Plumber Voter?

As John McCain, and Sarah (viper tongue) Palin beat the Joe the Plumber drums of war, I am sitting here wondering just how STUPID those Joe the Plumber voters really are. How many of those Joe the Plumber, Joe the Sheet Rocker, Joe the Landscaper are earning ANY WHERE NEAR $250,000 a year? Records show us that Joe the Plumber from Ohio is earning less than $60,000 per year...NO TAX INCREASE THERE! Wake up and smell the roses folks...John McCain and Sarah Palin are both MILLIONAIRES, both of them are greedy money whoring FUCK TURDS that are out to protect themselves, and those like them...MILLIONAIRES!

For eight years now, we have watched George Bush tax cuts make the rich richer as we in the middle class have watched our riches and our security disappear. Do you really want four more years of that? Do you want over 90 percent of the tax breaks being doled out to the richest ten percent of our nation? Do you really think it is fair that the millionaires and billionaires are getting the tax breaks? Redistribution of wealth...curious here Middle Class Americans...who made those people rich? Who is it that toiled day in and day out working for the man that made them who they are, gave them that FANCY CAR, and the seven homes that people like John McCain own? How many BIG BUSINESS OWNERS are rich because they will not pay their workers a LIVING WAGE, will not give their workers Health Insurance....THE RICH ARE RICH BECAUSE YOU MADE THEM RICH AMERICA! It is time for the lower and middle class to get their due, either through JUST GOVERNMENT, or through use of brute force as America's Main Street takes it's war out into the streets of America in demanding accountability. It is time for FAIR WAGES, it is time to DEPORT illegal aliens, rather than reward them with pathways to citizenship. It is time that those hiring illegal aliens be held accountable, be imprisoned for thier sins against humanity. It is time for the Senator Stevens of the world to pay the highest price, rather than being rewarded with a pension of over $120,000 a year!

Wake up Joe the Plumber...if you are earning less than $250,000 a year, you are going to BE WORSE OFF during a John McCain presidency! If you are so stupid as to buy into John McCain's false rhetoric, stupid enough to vote for another four years of George Bush politics, then you deserve the ass fucking you will get under the dictatorship of John McCain.

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