Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ICE, Please Raid Immigrants Rights Encampment at La Placita

Dear ICE, DHS (Homeland Security) and George W. Bush: (This blog entry emailed to appropriate law enforcement agencies, and the White House)

As a Legal Citizen of America, as a Main Street citizen hard hit by the scandals and greed on Wall Street, as a citizen hurt by our declining economy, and the mortgage crisis that is cripping the real estate industry, I am tired of Illegal Aliens stealing our jobs, and depressing our wages while our government stands by and does NOTHING to enforce OUR LAWS...further, I am tired of ICE and the Department of Homeland Security failing to act swiftly on actionable intelligence, moving swiftly to surround, arrest and deport those here legally. With this post, you now have actionable intelligence, proof that ILLEGAL ALIENS are congregating in a specific location in Los Angeles...it is time for RAIDS. For this reason, I am using this blog to make public a perfect opportunity for ICE to act in the best interests of Main Street America, in the best interest of LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS and members of America's LEGAL WORKING CLASS CITIZENS. I am publically alleging that illegal aliens are congregating at, and can be found at the Fast for Our Future Immigrants Rights Encampment at La Placita in downtown Los Angeles, and requesting that ICE investigate the location, the event, and where appropriate detain those who could be illegally inside the borders of our nations, and where necessary make immediate arrests.

With brazen AUDACITY, illegal aliens and their supporters are gathering in Los Angeles at the downtown La Placita for a hunger strike scheduled to last through next Tuesday, November 4th, 2008. They (sponsors) freely admit that day laborers (CODE FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS working in America ILLEGALLY) are included in those camping out and fasting for immigrants rights...it is pointed out here, that Immigrants have a HOST OF RIGHTS, but ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS. We as citizens, you as our enforcement agencies of the federal government are SWORN TO UPHOLD OUR LAWS now know where these illegal aliens are congregating. It is hereby reguested that ICE Officers, members of the the Department of Homeland Security in cooperation with the Los Angeles Police Department cordin off the area of this event, and detain all those who are in America illegally. It is further requested that DAILY RAIDS of this event be conducted between now and Election Day, November 4th, 2008. Further, if they are reading this entry, I would encourage all Anti Illegal Alien Organizations and Groups to immediately mobilize and counter protest this event. It is time for Americans to send a CLEAR MESSAGE TO OUR GOVERNMENT that we will tolerate Illegal Alien Criminals being allowed to live in America as if they ARE ABOVE THE LAW...it is time we DEMAND OUR GOVERMENT ENFORCE OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS AS WRITTEN.

It is time that those here in America illegally, those stealing our jobs, depressing our wages be shown the door, and told to exit our nation, either of their own accord, or with the help of ICE officers, and all other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Safe Harbor/haven communities need penalized, Catholic Churches and their priests organizing aid for illegal aliens need imprisoned, and companies hiring illegal aliens need their business licenses revoked. It is time that our government protect the citizens of America from this scourge of criminals, it is time that our jobs, our communities are protected from these criminal elements, it is time that ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS BE DEPORTED FROM AMERICA.
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Fast for Our Future: Immigrants Rights Encampment at La Placita
LOS ANGELES October 15, 2008 – Members of the Los Angeles area immigrant (illegal aliens ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS, but ILLEGAL ALIENS) community began a fast for their rights Wednesday downtown at La Placita. (Legal Immigrants have and deserve rights, but ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE CRIMINALS that deserve time behind bars, and deporation). A diverse group of students, service workers, day laborers (Usually Code for ILLEGAL ALIEN day laborers who are working under the table, not paying taxes), and supporters have set up camp just south of the plaza. About 70 people have committed to the fast, there are currently about 25 tents in the encampment with room for up to 100. The fast plans to run from now until election day, a 20 day fast. Coming together with the organization, Rise, immigrants (These groups are not coming together for IMMIGRANTS, they are coming together demanding rights for ILLEGAL ALIENS, for common criminals...and yes, ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE CRIMINALS) and their supporters are fasting to urge people to sign a pledge to vote or take some kind of action for immigrants rights (Sure we can arrange ONE WAY BUS TICKETS FOR EVERY ILLEGAL ALIEN YOU IDENTIFY TO THE ICE Officers).

The fasters are demanding an immediate end to the ICE raids (Are used to locate and round up those in America illegally, and should continue) that are terrorizing (Illegal alien criminal segments of the) immigrant communities and tearing families (that include illegal alien criminals) apart (because certain members of the family deliberately choose to BREAK THE LAW, persue a CRIMINAL PATHWAY into America. Children of immigrant parents who are US born citizens are being separated from their mothers and fathers by the raids and forced deportations. (Those parents should have thought about that BEFORE THEY BROKER THE LAW AND BECAME CRIMINALS...further, they are welcome to take their Anchor Babies back home with them, thus keeping the family intact. Supporters are welcome to visit or join the encampment and it is expected that the camp will grow as word spreads.
From the Newswire: Fast for Our Future: Immigrants Rights Encampment at La Placita MP3 Audio – Interview with a Faster: Frank Romero-Crockett, at La Placita Encampment Hunger Strike for Immigrant Rights! VIDEO: Video from Day One of the Fast for our Future by Fatima Mojaddidy Video Day One & Day Five by A Live audio from the camp: Radio Ayuno

Day Six: 1,000,000 Signs Of Hope, Latino Immigrant Rights Activists Stage 27 Days Of Hunger by David Lee Frater

Your commitment can help re-ignite
the Immigrant Rights Movement.

Over 100 people are engaging in a hunger strike to mobilize 1,000,000 people to sign the Pledge to vote and take action for immigrant rights.

On October 15th, 21 days before the 2008 election, immigrants, movement leaders, day laborers, faith leaders, student leaders, grassroots organizers, musicians and artists, and people of conscience will rise out of fear and begin one of the largest hunger strikes in American history.

“The Fast for our Future” will set up a permanent encampment at La Placita Olvera (or Olvera Street Plaza), the historic heart of Los Angeles, for the duration of the hunger strike. In the same spirit as César Chávez and Mohandas K. Gandhi, our shared sacrifice and commitment to the Immigrant Rights Movement will inspire a historic mobilization of Latino, immigrant, and pro-immigrant rights voters. We must remember the I.C.E. raids, those detained and deported, the families torn apart, the dreams deferred. We must remember the marches, the walkouts, the boycotts, and the promise we made: “Hoy Marchamos, Manana Votamos.”

In 2006 we marched in millions for our rights.

On November 4th we will vote in unprecedented numbers.

Please sign the Pledge today. Be 1 of 1,000,000 to vote and take action for immigrant rights.



Video Presentation Downloads
Original 8-minute YouTube video in English (Quicktime .m4v)Original 10-minute YouTube video in Spanish (Quicktime .m4v)
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Voter Registration Links
United States Government SiteLeague of Women VotersRock the Vote!

To all Anti Illegal Alien Groups...Perhaps you should Volunteer to HOST a FAST EVENT, and then invite ICE to attend.

If you would like to coordinate an action or event regionally or nationally with the “Fast For Our Future” campaign, please email action@therisemovement.org .

Olvera Street is an historic monument and plaza known as "the birthplace of the City of Los Angeles” and is part of the El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Park. Many Spanish-speakers refer to Olvera Street as “La Placita Olvera.”

The following web sites/organizations seem more than willing to give America's Main Street Citizens jobs, communities, and legal protections away to ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS, are supporting the Illegal Alien AMNESTY ENCAMPMENT in Los Angeles:















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