Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Prime Time Obama...Here We Go!

In Six Days, Many of Us Are Still Broke, In Six Days Many of Us Are Still Going To Be Unemployed Because Illegal Aliens Hold Our Jobs, Have Depressed Our Wages! IN SIX DAYS WE WILL STILL BE BROKE BECAUSE OF WALL STREET GREED, AND GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION...WHERE IS OUR BAILOUT?

The desk setting is a bit OVER KILL! The chair a tacky one.

Bit hard to have sympathy for someone that seems incapable of keeping the size of her family down where she and her husband can afford it. Sorry, but if you have 6, 8, or more kids, don't bitch about your ECONOMIC PROBLEMS. Get your tubes tied! It is unfair to make the rest of American Society contribute to your LARGE FAMILY.

So now the tax break is only for those earning under $200K. Putting a 90 day stop on foreclosures IS NO HELP AT ALL to those losing their homes. Let's be honest.

Living wage, finding a job...we COULD FIND JOBS THAT PAY LIVING WAGES if we deport all those here illegally. Be HONEST OBAMA, illegal aliens are hurting the very people you claim you want to help! Yet in Colorado this week, you touted what amounts to AMNESTY when you said you would provide illegal aliens a pathway to citizenship.

On medical honest least half of those who do not have medical coverage are illegal aliens! I want to know, does your Comprehensive/Universal Health Care give coverage to Illegal Aliens?

Tax credits for fuel efficient cars amounts to a GIVE AWAY to the rich and elite...most lower and middle class Americans cannot afford to buy new cars, but instead buy used ones.

Moral Obligation to give every child a world class education...curious here Barack Obama...what about those children that are now adults who are held back because that promise was never kept...are we included in your plan to provide that world class education, or are we once again being left out, being asked to sacrifice for those who follow in our footsteps?

This is our moment...tell me Obama...tell this Boomer how this is our moment. The equity in my home is GONE, our retirement account has lost $160,000 in the past eight months, and illegal aliens brought a pricing structure to the landscaping industry that saw me close my business and give up my license. Tell me Obama, how is this OUR MOMENT? All I have heard from both you and John McCain are empty promises, and expectations about what I should give up for those who will follow in my footsteps. Curious...does OUR TURN ever come? As a White 53 year old Boomer, I lost jobs for Affirmative Action. In 1986, people like me grinned and boar it when Reagan granted Amnesty. For the past eight years under Bush I watched Illegal Aliens lowering wages, stealing American jobs, and now you want me to vote for you so that you can grant 12-25 million illegal aliens AMNESTY? Is that what you call involving me and others like me in our government? Sacrifice so that others can own, have and steal MY AMERICAN DREAM? Sacrifice for those that follow behind offense, but many of us have been SACRIFICING NOW OUR WHOLE LIFE for one group or another...WHEN IS IT OUR TURN, and speaking of turns, WHERE IS THE SOCIAL SECURITY WE PAID FOR?


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for all the losses and hardships you've experienced and are experiencing.

I can understand your frustration and while I don't know enough about this issue to take a side right now or to hold an educated position, I do think our government ought to look out for the basic welfare of its citizens as well as those who enter the US legally first and foremost.

I hope things begin to look up for you as well as for all Americans (and nonAmericans too of course).

Royce Penstinger said...

I'm just your average American citizen on Main Street here who has suffered, and am tired of suffering at the hands of others, or on behalf of others.

Fact is, illegal aliens are stealing jobs that rightfully belong to Americans. Illegal Aliens are lowering wages ($230 Billion a year) for lower and middle class Americans.

Many of us who have paid our mortgages on time, have lost all our equity because of the mortgage crisis created by the acts of others....greed on the part of Wall Street, families getting loans they knew they could not afford. The mortgage collapse in turn crashed Wall Street, killed our 401K's, but we are being forced to Bail Out Wall Street while we get NOTHING but screwed.

Many of us Boomers lost jobs and seats at college in the name of Affirmative Action in the 70's. We paid the price for an illegal alien Amnesty under Reagon in 1986. We have paid into Social Security now for almost/or over forty years, but are now being told OUR MONEY IS GONE. We are being told we will be forced to work EXTRA YEARS before collecting what we have already paid for! FUCK THAT NOISE, where is our Social Security, where is the retirement we have paid into now for almost our entire life?

There is a growing sense of frustration that our Government, the Citizens of America are fine using the Boomers as the FUCK YOU GENERATION...we can pay the bill for everyone else, we can do without, we can pick up the tab, and being honest, this Boomer is getting really tired of our generation getting fucked so that everyone else can prospers.

Screw a world class education for our young kids, or future generations, or ILLEGAL ALIENS, where is a world class education for us right now today? Just because I am 53 does not mean I don't want a college diploma or 2. I don't want to sacrifice more than I already have so that some future generation can send their kids to college...we did that already, we sacrificed in the name of Affirmative Action. Enough Already, when is it OUR TURN?

Anonymous said...

Again I understand your frustration and feel that many other Americans, whether in exactly your situation, one similar to it, or neither, do too.

I'm not Boomer age but certainly don't see that generation as you described some may see it. I too have done as I ought and yet am not doing well financially and in on other ways due to factors I can't control.

We are all trying to get by and most of us do not have all that much control over so many of these issues and most of us, I believe, do not want others to suffer on our behalf. I think we all hope for fairness and justice, but can't seem to agree on how to achieve it nor how to execute the proper policies to get there.

I totally get what you're saying about the American Dream and how for so many it is turning out to be an empty promise, that the work and years are put in, but where is the payoff? I understand that sentiment.