Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Uhhhh....What Happened To Palin's Health Records? Still Betting on Herpes!

As we get ready for Barack Obama's Primetime address to the nation, find myself wondering what happened with Sarah Palin's release of health records that she promised would occur early this week.


Anonymous said...

She probably won't release the. I'll be it will show that she wasn't really pregnant and that Trig is really Bristol's. What other reason would a healthy, young, vibrant 44 year old be hiding?

Royce Penstinger said...

The whole Trig thing would be interesting....

I'm still leaning towards a sexually transmitted disease, or that her child is the result of her affair with Todd's business partner.

Anonymous said...

With every breath she could muster Palin said the American people deserved to know everything about Obama. Well, Sarah the American People deserve to know your state of health. So what are you hiding? The good news is that you cannot come back on a national level unless you fess up.

Anonymous said...

she probably had an abortion she doesn't quiet want to talk about

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