Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Palin The Pit Bull Talks Oil

Scary, Sarah Palin is talking oil, and it is so obvious that she really does not have any clue in the world, is just too far out there religiously.

First, America's oil supplies are not that good. Secondly, scares the hell out of me when anyone is up there on stage, televsion cameras sending their image all around the world talking about how God has blessed us as a nation with so much oil. Thirdly, we need to GET AWAY FROM OIL as a energy supply, and we need to learn the concept that LESS IS MORE. Perhaps Sarah Palin's down home folksy simplicity works for Alaskan's, and a handful of radical right wing women who have no clue, but she does not, and NEVER SHOULD work for, nor speak America.

On Nuclear Energy, she just promised 45 New Reactors by 2030...first, it cannot be done. We do not have the staff to man 45 new reactors, do not have the expertise to build 45 new reactors by 2030. Even if those obstacles can be overcome, there are not enough parts and manufacturing plants to allow that many to be built by the year 2030. Further, even without cost overruns, you are talking 15 Billion a nuclear reactor...guess who the nuclear industry wants paying the bill? US, as in the American Taxpayer. Now, if we are going to be asked to pay for it, WHERE IS OUR OWNERSHIP? It is NOT THERE. We would pay the build the infrastructure that is supply us our electricity, then turn around and have to PAY FOR THE ELECTRICITY that is being produced...isn't that transfer of wealth, isn't that Socialized Energy?
Lastly...CARBON CREDITS...that is just a way of making the middle class pay a pass through fee FOR is a con game, a shell game where BIG BUSINESS trades carbon offsets under the guise of being Green, with you and I picking up the tab.

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