Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why Americans Should Be Willing To Fight In Streets To Stop Illegal Alien Amnesty

Are you willing to FIGHT FOR YOUR AMERICAN DREAM, or are You Going to Let Illegals SIMPLY STEAL IT AWAY?
Obama while stumping in Colorado today all but promised Illegal Aliens and their supporters that he would go to the mat in giving them AMNESTY under the guise of a pathway to citizenship. America's lower and middle class must prepare themselves now to take this fight, if necessary, into the streets to stop our Congress and Senator Obama from forcing an unfair Amnesty on Main Street America. Like it or not, it comes down to us against them, with the winner financially surviving while the losers fall into poverty, lose their homes, their jobs and their dignity.

How many Americans in the Construction Industry have seen their wages plummet, have sat at home because Union jobs went instead to companies with scab laborers in the form of illegal aliens that were/are working for half the prevailing wage? How many of our younger and older workers cannot find a job to help ends meet because Illegal Aliens have moved into job areas traditionally reserved for our youth, and those who are semi retired, but that need to earn a little extra to make ends meet? How many Americans no longer get overtime hours because their employers instead have brought in illegal alien scab laborers?

It is this you, your family, your children eat, or do illegal aliens and their families eat at your expense? Do you keep your home, stave off foreclosure, or does an illegal alien save his or her home because they STOLE YOUR JOB?
In the past year, over 800,000 people have LOST THEIR JOBS here in America, and according to the news, many hundreds of thousands more are going to be getting our walking papers soon...meanwhile, why do ILLEGAL ALIENS continue to work while you are unemployed? Further, it goes beyond just illegal aliens. The time has come to shut down the H1 visa program as well, time that the American Worker comes first, even if we have to fight to assure our own survival. Because our government has refused to do its job, because they failed to enforce our laws on immigration for years, because they have ignored immigration quotas set by Congress, we the American worker are now in peril, and instead of siding with us, our government wants to side with Illegal Aliens, and that cannot, must not be tolerated.

Our first chance to let our voices be heard comes just days after the Presidential Elections when the world meets in Washington, DC to discuss the economy...those who oppose Amnesty, those who feel the time has come to enforce our laws, and deport those here illegally need to take to the streets, need a million American March on Washington, DC. It is imperative that a clear signal be sent to President Elect Barack Obama, and the Democratic Congress that an Amnesty for 15-25 Million illegal aliens will not be tolerated, that such an Amnesty is likely to cause rioting in the streets of America, a us verse them battle that could lead to a second Civil War within our borders as American Citizens battle illegal aliens to keep what is rightfully OURS...our jobs, our wages, our communities, and our homes.

FACT...33 percent of LEGAL AMERICANS are earning less than $15,000 a year, and over half of us earn less than $50,000. So don't kid yourself, ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE STEALING OUR JOBS, OUR WAGES, OUR AMERICAN DREAM, and we are being pushed into a corner where we will have no choice but to fight for what is rightfully ours. The 111th Congress is going to try to RAM AMNESTY down the throats of Lower and Middle Class Americans, and unless we take to the streets, illegal aliens are going to successfully steal the American Dream from millions of Americans!

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