Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hey MEDIA! Give Politicians Some Private Space

OK, I am reporters really need to give the politicians some space on occassion. This election has had its share of family crisis moments, and the press have been good at giving politicians time to grieve, time to deal with private personal moments. Problem is, the press BLEW IT LAST NIGHT when they hounded Obama on Halloween. One of the great things about both Barack and Michelle Obama, is their steadfast attention to their parental duties. It is nice to know that Obama finds the time to call his daughters each night from the road, and does it in a timely fashion so that their bed time is not impinged upon. It is refreshing to see Michelle do everything within her power to keep her daughters lives as close to normal as can be expected when your father is a superstar candidate for President, is more than likely the next President of the United States.

Last night Obama scheduled a few hours of free time to be with his family on Halloween. He made sure the media got their where was the media's respect, where was the media doing the right thing in BACKING OFF and giving Obama a bit of private time to spend with his daughters? HELLO MEDIA...Barack is a FATHER! This was Halloween! Was it too much to ask you to give him a couple hours without you shadowing his every move?

I would love to have ACCESS, but I don't...oh well, such is life. However, if I did have access, I would hope I would be respectful in how I used it. There are certain times when the press needs to back off. For instance, I am of the belief that the Obama family should be able to take their girls to the mall for some Christmas Shopping without being diluged with a bevy of news reporters...sadly, that is not going to happen. Where is a give and take between the press and our president, for that matter, the press and our movie stars? Don't these people deserve some time to be just people, some time that is private, a chance to go grocery shopping, or for a walk in the park without being hounded by people trying to get a photograph, or asking for a quote?

If Obama is elected President, shouldn't he be able to tell the press, "Sunday I am taking the day off to be with my family, we're going on a picnic, so I'll see you all on Monday." If he delivers that message, shouldn't the press respect him enough to give him that space to be a family man, to be a father to his daughters?

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