Monday, October 27, 2008

McCain Should Fire Diva, Has Nothing To Lose

Let's face facts...McCain's campaign for the Presidency is officially an embarrassment. His closing arguements are pathetic, his campaign is forever tied into Ashley Todd's racist attempt to steal Pennsylvania, and now he has a raving luncatic rogue Diva out on the trail...what's a man to do? He has nothing to lose, and Sarah Palin has shown his campaign and America that she has no loyalty, so he should FIRE THE BITCH. For the sake of his beloved Republican Party, he needs to play the part of Buffy The Vampire Slayer...hell, if he has to he could trot his cold blooded wife Cindy out to the cameras to play the part of the executioner. Sure Cindy would relish handing Sarah Palin a pink slip on National Televsion.

It would take Sarah Palin off the airwaves, and John McCain could go down in flames with Joe LIEberman standing by his side.

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