Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AIG...Obama's BIG PROBLEM, Geithner's BIG LIE...Who Knew What When

On CNN they just said the White House has come out with a time line of who knew about the AIG Bonus Payments, and when did they know about it...SIMPLY STATED, the White House is LYING! That's right OBama, I am calling you out, demanding an apology to the American people, your resignation for shaming the office of President, and the resignation of Salacious Anal Cavity Worshiper of Wall Street Insiders Secretary Geitherner for his incestuous back door deal with AIG, his KNOWLEDGE OF THE BONUSES long before the news leaked out. His knowledge of the bonuses pales in comparison to his participation in the original deal that SET UP THE BONUS for RETENTION deal make him just another Bernie Maldoff taking care of his friends while running a world wide $180 Billion (and growing) pyramid scheme that involves some of the biggest names in the banking industry including Barclays, JP Morgan, Duetsch Bank, and others.

Go back to the VERY BEGINNING...LAST FALL...Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, New York Fed official Timothy Geithner, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke ALL KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON THEN...TARP was going to be giving Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, UBS, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Barclays,CITI Bank and others Billions of dollars of our tax money in the form of bailouts. Now ask yourselves a question..."Why was AIG getting SPECIAL TREATMENT, getting its own separate and repetitive BAILOUT?"

HELLO...who has AIG paid off? Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, UBS, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, CITI Bank and others in what amounts to the world's worst case of DOUBLE DIPPING! We bailed out the banks who had TOXIC ASSETS...we then on a SEPARATE TRACK bailed out AIG who had insured those same TOXIC ASSETS. Are you seeing the BIG PICTURE, starting to understand how it is that some of these banks have gone on BUYING BINGES, are now happily reporting they are profitable again (after they CRASHED THEIR STOCK VALUES, and got the average Americans to dump said stocks for pennies on the dollar. WHO BOUGHT THOSE SHARES FOLKS? CAN WE SAY THE TREASURY, can we say GEITHNER...how many bank shares in these various banks does he hold, how many shares can he steer to himself that are held by the Treasury?

If you remember, the original plan was to simply BUY ALL TOXIC ASSETS, put them into a TOXIC BANK...why did Geithner KILL THAT PLAN with his close pal Secretary Paulsen...and by the way, what are HIS HOLDINGS? For that matter, and more to the point...how many average Americans were SCREWED OUT OF THEIR CITI BANK and AIG shares as this scam ran its course? More importantly, how come Mr. WHIZ KID Geithner, and for that matter Mr. I am so upset Ben Bernanke still not told us some seven months later how much more money is required to unwind all of AIG's positions? (Trust me, it is NOT THAT HARD to total out some ledgers.)

Enough of the Bailouts...let AIG fail, but we are owed the truth Mr. Obama. I seem to recall that the Treasury LOBBIED for bonuses, claimed they were necessary TO KEEP THE TEAM OF GOOD GUYS on board to put AIG back on the straight and narrow...your Secretary Geithner was there for those negotiations, had to know exactly what was going on...simply stated, he knew MONTHS AGO what was coming down the pike, and I cannot believe President Obama that you did not know as well. Tell me Mr. President...when all the howling was going on, when your guys were supposedly trying to do something to stop or decrease the bonuses, was it Geithner who was the heavy, was it your Treasury Secretary that MUSCLED DODD? I mean it seems clear that the bill as passed made the Bonus restrictions retroactive...how did that fall out during the reconciling of the bill? (...pay/bonus restrictions would be retroactive which Geithner and summers vehemently opposed...) Do you have a ROGUE SECRETARY Mr. President, or are both of you lying to the American Public. Does it matter? You are either STUPID, or you are a CROOK....can I see your Tricky Dick Nixon Impersonation Mr. President? "I am nooooot a crook!"

You were elected in Early November Mr. President, and your Secretary was ALREADY THE AIG GO TO GUY! We deserve your resignation, we deserve his impeachment. We settle for his resignation effective immediately, and you backing off on your overly ambitious Socialist Agenda contained in the budget...we want it (your budget) reworked by the new Secretary, we want E Verify passed immediately to PUT AMERICANS IN ALL STIMULUS JOBS, and we expect you to postpone your attempts to push through SOCIALIZED Universal Health Care.

Geithner became the go-to guy for failing financial firms, and was at the "center of action" for the AIG bailout, according to the New York Post. He "quarterbacked and advised" the government's "taking control of tottering insurance giant AIG for a bailout deal," the Post wrote. But more and more, it looks like [Henry] Paulson and Geithner "quarterbacked" with a flawed playbook with AIG that moved the meltdown much further down the goal line.


Anonymous said...

and you're some born again christian republican who lost a couple of thousands recently for investing in AIG? giving us a piece of your mind?

how much time did you invest on that useless article?

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