Monday, March 16, 2009

Pull Plug on AIG

The new wave of $175 million dollars in AIG bonus payouts is bad enough. However that pales when you realize our taxes are being used to bailout foreign countries and their banks. If AIG is so important to the WORLD ECONOMY, then let them (other countries) step in and HELP OUT, or pull the plug.

France, where is our $12 Billion for helping out Société Générale ? All trade with France should be stopped (including wine and cheeses) until France has coughed up enough money to cover their share of the AIG Bailout.

Germany...I used too be a waiter, so know already how CHEAP YOU ARE...who cares, fork over the $12 Billion for Deutsche Bank bailout. Same thing...further, no $12 Billion, then pull out our troops.

Brittain, you got a lot of GALL bitching about Buy American protectionism when you owe us over $8.5 Billion for bailing out Barclay's!

Switzerland...cough up, you got $8 Billion for UBS.

Do the math folks...that is $40 BILLION IN US TAX DOLLARS instantly given over to foreign banks TO COVER THEIR BAD INVESTMENTS....if AIG HAS TO BE SAVED, LETS SHARE THE PAIN. How much of AIG's bailout has gone to other countries? Sorry, either these nations step in and cover their share of the bailout, or PULL THE PLUG ON AIG. It is time for the rest of the world to stop assuming that America will cover their bets.

Read More on CNN:

Dear MoveOn member,

If you had to find one single group of people to blame for our economic crisis, you'd definitely have to consider the financial products division of AIG.

They made huge, bad bets on the housing market that have cost taxpayers $170 far. That's more than $500 from every American.1

But get this: The Washington Post just reported that these people are receiving $450 million in bonuses—and they got their first installment yesterday.2 They destroyed our economy, and now they're being rewarded for it with our bailout money!

We can't let this stand. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Congress need to do whatever it takes to get our money back.

Can you sign our petition today and then pass it on? We'll deliver it to Secretary Geithner and the congressional committees that supervise AIG. Clicking below will add your name:


Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm having trouble finding MoveOn's actual petition page - your link just shows the "Thank You for Signing" page (as does SadlyNo's) and somehow I can't find the right page. My Google skills have failed me and MoveOn's website doesn't have a site search capability.

I'm feeling stupid about this. Any help?

Thanks, Suecris

Royce Penstinger said...

Try This....will redo the link above

Anonymous said...

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