Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mexico Wants a Trade War...Some Advice To Calderon and Obama

So Mexico wants a trade war...I have some advice for the Presidents of both countries.

First, I'll speak to President Obama. Sir, GROW SOME BALLS, and GET A CLUE. We do not want Mexico's STANKING ILLEGAL ALIENS in our nation, nor do we want them stealing our jobs. That's right, we want the 7 million illegal aliens (most of them Latino) that have jobs while 12.5 million LEGAL AMERICANS are out work fired by immediately implementing E Verify, and having your ILLEGAL ALIEN LOVING NAPOLITANTO DO HER JOB as Secretry of Homeland Security, by actually doing WORK PLACE ENFORCEMENT...that's right Mr. President, we do not want AMNESTY, we do not want Immigration Reform...instead, we want ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS GONE, and most of them are from Mexico and other Latin Countries. As to the trucking issue....we do not want UNSAFE MEXICAN DRIVERS on our highways, do not want them stealing work from our own hard pressed Independent Truckers, and we do not want them using their access (that never should have been granted in the first place) to smuggle in even more drugs. How stupid can you be to let SEMI TRUCKS cross into America without being CHECKED? My guess...that is why Calderon is so upset!

Now to dip shit Presidenti Calderon...you sir are a ignorant PISS ANT. You want to threaten America with a TRADE WAR YOU FUCK TURD? BRING IT ON. How about we start our retaliation by slapping a TARIFF ON THE REMITTANCES SHIPPED OUT OF AMERICA by Illegal Aliens! Say 50 percent...BOOM MOTHER FUCKER, that just cost Mexico how much? You want to slap tariffs on $2.4 Billion of our goods...we'll make those people whole with the better than $15 Billion we collect in remittance TARIFFS you slim sucking, dishonest little weasel! You run your nation like management ran AIG...pathetically, and dishonestly.

You want a TRADE WAR...how about we have Janet Napolitano LET LOOSE THE DOGS...I can get 10,000 Americans RIGHT NOW TO DROP A DIME on house fulls of Illegal ALIENS, and sure that ICE could have work place enforcements during the day, and NEIGHBORHOOD ENFORCEMENTS AT NIGHT. You think you got problems NOW...what are you going to do when remittances from America DRY UP AND WE SHIP BACK up to 10 million of your low life criminal citizens that are Illegal Aliens here. Thats right, WE DO NOT WANT THEM, and I am tired of them running down my own neighborhood...I can identify SEVEN HOUSE FULLS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS RIGHT NOW, and would have no problem doing that. I can take ICE into the local A&P and point out three Illegal Aliens working in the produce department!

Lastly, you want a trade war...here is a clue...we'll militarize our freaking border, finish our fence, and shut down your DRUG MONEY GRAVY TRAIN. Sure 20,000 ARMED American Troops can deal with your supposed BILLY BAD ASS DRUG DEALERS.

Look you ignorant piece of dog shit, do not know who the fuck you think you are, but you got AWFULLY BIG BALLS for a President of a third world nation who would see it CRASH AND BURN if it were not for the generosity of America...well, the time has come for our government TO DO RIGHT BY AMERICANS, and screw you, and screw the millions of scum sucking illegal alien criminals from Mexico that are infesting our country. BRING YOUR TRADE WAR ON MOTHER FUCKER....if Obama is a REAL AMERICAN, a REAL LEADER he'll get tough instead of sucking your ass like Bush did.

If Obama has any balls at all, he'll tell you the trucking decision HAS BEEN MADE, and if you insist on a TRADE WAR, we will have every Illegal Alien Mexican out of America in six months.

Sure MALDEF, La Raza and others will take offense...tough shit. You know what, Illegal Aliens ARE CRIMINALS, so stop trying to make this a RACE ISSUE, stop trying to run a successful insurgency aimed at AMNESTY. Criminals are SCUM, and Illegal Aliens are criminals, and Calderon needs BITCH SLAPPED BACK INTO HIS PLACE. While we are at it, Obama should KEEP HIS WORD and renegotiate NAFTA, or simply cancel it as a bad experiment.

By Christopher Cornell in West Chester
March 16, 2009

Mexican Economy Secretary Gerardo Ruiz Mateos announced retaliatory tariffs against the United States on Monday in response to protectionist provisions in a new U.S. law. The measures, buried in the 2009 omnibus bill signed last week, bar Mexican truckers from U.S. highways. The measure violates the 1993 NAFTA treaty. Recognizing that the offend...


MEXICO CITY/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Mexico slapped tariffs on 90 American agricultural and manufactured exports on Monday in retaliation for Washington's move to block Mexican trucks from using U.S. highways.

Mexican Economy Minister Gerardo Ruiz said about $2.4 billion worth of exports from 40 U.S. states would be affected and that his government would soon publish a list of them.

Last week, the U.S. Congress canceled funding for a test program begun by the Bush administration that allowed Mexican long-haul trucks to circulate in the United States in compliance with the North American Free Trade Agreement.

"We consider this action by the United States to be mistaken, protectionist and clearly in violation of (NAFTA)," Ruiz told reporters in Mexico City.

President Barack Obama's administration, facing its first dispute with a major trading partner and neighbor, promptly said it would work to create a new cross-border, long-distance trucking program between the two countries.

"The president has tasked the Department of Transportation to work with the U.S. trade representative and the Department of State, along with leaders in Congress and Mexican officials to propose legislation creating a new trucking project that will meet the legitimate concerns of Congress and our NAFTA commitments," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said.