Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Like FAther Like Daughter...Meghan McCain in PORK WAR

The Great and Powerful LARDO, Princess Meghan (I like donuts) McCain is following in her father's footsteps...sort of as she wages her own war against those SPEAKING OUT AGAINST HER PORK. Seems that the rotund one is upset that Laura Ingraham compared her to a PLUS Size model...I tagged Meghan a porker over a year ago...go study her blog, the young woman is seen contantly eating or talking about eating things that are not good for her, then is upset that we point out her COTTAGE CHEESE HIPS? Look at some of the pictures, you'll understand why she's rapidly becoming a behemoth.

Meghan made herself a target...first was her political blog, then her various and assorted ramblings on the internet, and in second line media...she's like a B Movie Star that does not realize life and fame has passed her by. She should go back to picking daffodils and eating Butterfinger Bars as the sweat slides through the rolls of flab....serious there Meghan, do you get heat rash under those melons? You went after Ann Coulter, and not for her opinion, you ATTACKED HER in your deep seeded need to be a SOMEBODY....well, you ARE NOT. The attention you do get is because of your Mom's wealth and your Dad's political stature. I may not like Ann's opinions, have any attacked her myself, but she's got grit, and a presense...something you do not have, and something I am not sure you can get...look at your MOTHER...all she did was use her MONEY from DADDY's CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR to stay out of prison after she got caught STEALING DRUGS and TRANSPORTING THEM ACROSS INTERNATIONAL BORDERS...guess that is Justice for a woman married to a Senator?

Look at your own words! Tyra Banks is HOT at any weight...YOU ARE NOT, no one would want to KISS YOUR FAT ASS...too many moldy Milk Duds might be stuck to it. You do not earn super model status by using her name in a sentence talking about yourself. You want respect? A) Go on a diet...I'd suggest a raw foods diet, no breads, no sugars, lot of Smoothies and some juicing...be happy to recommend a Organic Chef if you want...after all, with your Mom's money, you can afford it and B) Stop writing publically and GO LEARN TO WRITE...while you are at it, stop opening your mouth, as your speaking on the issues makes you appear dumber than your writing does. OH, by the way...YOU ARE NOT A REPUBLICAN, you just want TO BE A REPUBLICAN AS IT GIVES YOU A CHANCE TO BE A SOMEBODY INSTEAD OF A FAT WALL FLOWER. Unfortunately, you are even blowing that one...OWN YOURSELF, go back to being what you are....a middle of the road, average Progressive Democrat.