Saturday, March 21, 2009

Should City and Town Governments Have Legal Right To Bulldoze Foreclosed Homes Sold To Illegal Aliens?

There is a lot of talk that a major percentage of the foreclosed homes were sold to Illegal Aliens. Now I am not sure what the statistics are, have heard figures from 10 percent upwards of 40 percent in places like Las Vegas. What I do know, is that illegal aliens are criminals, and further I know they should not even be here in America. Further, in many cases, these homes were allegedly purchased using FAKE IDENTIFICATION. SO, the banks screwed up, the illegal aliens screwed up, and communities are left with EMPTY question....if it can be proven that the banks knowingly sold homes to Illegal Aliens, should communities be allowed to bring in a Bulldozer, get rid of the home and turn the area into City Parks to make up for the infestation that is Illegal Immigration?

Undocumented Immigrants Buy Into Home Owning Dream (Take note of the publication date of this article.

August 18, 2004 (By Nurith C. Aizenman, WP) - Gerardo Cabrera fell in love with the house immediately. There was the bay window in the living room, the fireplace in the den, and -- most enchanting to a man raised amid the concrete of Mexico City -- the woods in the back yard. (This couple as you will find out WERE ILLEGAL ALIENS.)

And so the auto mechanic and his wife, a secretary, decided to pay $200,000 for their own piece of suburban Gaithersburg, a classic tale of immigrants(ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS) achieving the American dream.

Except for one detail: At the time, they were in the United States illegally. (Simply stated, they were and are SCUM BAG ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS.)

Undaunted, Cabrera went to three lenders until he found one who was willing to accept identification in place of a Social Security card. (ONE CRIMINAL, DOING BUSINESS WITH ANOTHER...let the AIG shuffle begin!) "I believe in thinking positively," said Cabrera, 38, who became a permanent legal resident about a year after buying the house in July 1999. "It doesn't matter how many times you're told no, because you only need one person to say yes." (Notice it says he became a permanent legal resident...what about his illegal alien wife, and did he himself LIE to get his new status?)

Real estate agents and mortgage brokers say a substantial number of undocumented immigrants(ILLEGAL ALIENS are not undocumented immigrants, they are SCUM BAG not like that descriptor? What do you call a drug dealer, a rapist, a murderer?) across the Washington region appear to be finding similar ways to buy their first homes -- their purchases just one more example of the extent to which the nation's estimated 9 million undocumented immigrants (Illegal Aliens) have become integrated in American society even as they remain outside the legal system. (Just because they think they have integrated does not MAKE IT SO...most of us being forced to live by them despise them, tolerate them only because doing otherwise is against the law.)