Wednesday, March 18, 2009

FUCK Illegal Alien Amnesty OBama....Lets Talk AIG and The Resignation of Geithner

LIE TO THEM MR. PRESIDENT...we will not get caught!
You know where I stand on Illegal Alien Criminals Mr. Obama...have a feeling you have no clue just how ANGRY many of us on Main Street are about the fact that seven million illegal aliens have jobs while we are out of work...that fight is coming down the pike, but lets piss on your smoke screen and get back to the TOPICS AT HAND, which are:

2.Treasury Secretary Geithner's untruthfulness and incompetence.

First, you Mr. Obama tried to pretend you had no clue that the $165 Million in Bonus Money was coming down the pike. We found out today when Senator Dodd came clean that you lied to us, that it was you and your staff who MADE THE DECISION to let those payments stand. Talk about politics as usual! Let me give you Mr. SLEAZE BAG LYING PIECE OF SHIT PRESIDENT a TRUTH, while enlightening the Main Street Americans.

Do you know what President Obama does not want you to know about his Carbon Cap Energy PLAN!...the same people that gave us AIG, the same insurance scum that came up with creative derivatives are ready to roll out a WHOLE NEW SCAM built around INSURING CARBON CREDITS and those using/needing them! Obama KNOWS THIS, is ready to let a whole new FAKE SET OF COMMODITIES replace the ones that crashed the stock market this time around do it again in the name of CORPORATE AMERICA SEPARATING US FROM OUR MONEY! Simply stated, the Carbon Trading GAME and its assorted derivative products created by and SOLD BY the Insurance Industry will run the market back up over 12,000 again only to CRASH IT AGAIN as Obama sets us up to let the rich RAPE AMERICA ONCE AGAIN. HELLO many of you saw your 401K's DESTROYED after we played by the rules? Now they want us to fall for the SAME TRICK AGAIN! Which is why Obama wants to do and end around to avoid a Filibuster or DEBATE on his energy plan, and on his Socialistic Health Care Reform that is a Boomer Genocide!

By the you know who will BENEFIT with Obama's SOCIALIZED Health Care SCAM...the INSURANCE INDUSTRY! Universal Health Care is run by the government for the people...Obama wants to let the COMMERCIAL INSURANCE INDUSTRY THAT BROUGHT YOU AIG RUN HIS HEALTH CARE PLAN.

FUCK YOU OBAMA...LET AMERICA KNOW THE REAL TRUTH. RAPE IS RAPE, be it carbon trading, private industry controlled MANDATORY HEALTH CARE, or AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS....bring it on FUCK TURD! You Mr. Obama are morally bankrupt, and today's hearings where your BONUS lie was uncovered, coupled with your announcement tonight at the California Town Hall meeting of your AMNESTY AGENDA proves it. I voted for you, and less than 70 days into your presidency, I WANT MY VOTE BACK. TO THE RAMPARTS AMERICA.

I'll save your CITI bank nominee for later...lets talk about your inept and dishonest Treasury Secretary Mr. Geithner! Simply can draw a DIRECT LINE from him to AIG...get rid of the scum! Pretty simple there Mr. President, sure if I can draw the line from him to the crooks you can as well? After all, you have a Harvard degree, and I DO NOT. Get your shit together, or pack your bags as America is running out of patience...yes, I am thinking impeachment since we can toss someone out of office for being a buffoon who is incapable of carrying out the basic duties of his office. Your speeches were pretty, your ability to lead is laughable!

AIG...where is your bigoted Eric Holder in investigating everything about and surrounding Maurice "Hank" Greenberg...Liddy wants to keep the bonus list PRIVATE out of fear for his staff....HORSE SHIT...all Americans have to do is go do a GOOGLE search to find out who from AIG is now working for Mr. Greenberg. Let me guess, you have no clue what I am talking about...YOU DISGUST ME.


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