Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Hypocrisy of Michelle Obama's Organic Veggie Garden (STOP BEING FAKE)

For going on three days now I've had to listen to CNN talk about Michelle Obama's White House VEGGIE GARDEN...stop the hypocrisy here, who are we trying to FOOL? Did you watch Michelle working her shovel? It was OBVIOUS that she HAD NO CLUE about what she was doing. Did any one notice that the entire area had been PRE STAGED! How many tax dollars were spent on the THAT PHOTO OP? Where were some real questions for Michelle the Organic gardener? What is she going to prep the soil? Is she doing rasied beds? If this is to be an organic garden, does she have the White House Kitchen doing composting....if not, why not? Is this her personal project with her girls, or instead is it a project placed on the White House grounds crew that she will occassionally use as yet another PHOTO OP?

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Want to know where the presidential produce comes from?

Washington's Bancroft Elementary School students help first lady Michelle Obama break ground on the garden.

Washington's Bancroft Elementary School students help first lady Michelle Obama break ground on the garden.

Take a walk past the White House. The answer may be planted right in front of you.

First lady Michelle Obama helped break ground on a new White House organic "kitchen garden" Friday. It will be the first working garden at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. since Eleanor Roosevelt planted a so-called "victory garden" at the height of World War II.

This time, however, the enemy is obesity. The first family is hoping to send a clear message to a fast food-driven nation that often seems to be losing the battle of the bulge.

"We're just hoping that a lot of families look at us and say this is something that they can do and talk to their own kids about and think a little bit critically about the food choices that they make," said Marian Robinson, the president's mother-in-law. Video Watch Michelle Obama tell students about the garden » (More like listen to her LIE.)

The first lady told a group of Washington schoolchildren on hand for the occasion that first daughters Sasha and Malia Obama were usually more willing to try fresh fruits and vegetables because fresh produce generally tastes better.

"What I found with my kids [is that] if they were involved in planting it and picking it, they were much more curious about giving it a try," she added.

"I've been able to have my kids eat so many different things that they would have never touched if we had bought it at a store because they either met the farmers that grew it, or they saw how it was grown," she said.