Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama Likes BIG Mexico Sausage, Plans Visit To Mexico

In a surprise move of capitulation to Maldef, La Raza and the Chamber of Commerce, Obama has planned a tube sausage tasting at the Palace of Mexican President Calderon. Condiments to include discussion of a liberal guest worker program and Amnesty for 12-25 million illegal alien criminals, all served with a tasty brown bean dip served at the taint. Wondering how Michelle feels about her husband's decision to give up taco for some Calderon Dick Sandwich? What's next Mr. President, an end around the Republicans, ignoring TRUE DEMOCRATIC DEBATE to pass your Socialistic Universal Health Care which amounts to Boomer Genocide? At least now we understand your support of the movement to do away with the "Don't ask don't tell policy" for our military troops?

Here is a clue President...the end of the line starts in the Illegal Alien's country of origin, not in Cicero...FUCK YOUR AMNESTY MOTHER FUCKER. To all Main Street Americans, to the 12.5 Million LEGAL MAIN STREET AMERICANS WHO ARE OUT OF WORK WHILE 7 million Illegal Aliens have jobs, Obama has just announced at his Town Hall in California his intention TO GRANT AMNESTY...THE LINE HAS BEEN DRAWN, it is US OR THEM, and I urge all of you to stand together, united for the Red, White and Blue as we collectively tell Obama that AMNESTY for Illegal Alien Criminals WILL NOT BE TOLERATED...if he wants to suck the dick of Calderon, that is his business, but we have the power to push every Illegal Alien out of America if we stand together and DEMAND DEPORTATION.