Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Barack Obama, Bigot And Chief Shuns Main Street White Americans

The bloom is off the rose, and it turns out America's First Black President and his Black Orchid First Lady are in reality nothing more than common stink weeds, Black Bigots bent on destroying White Main Street America in the name of Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, Reparations for the Black Community and Affirmative Action for all minorities (except the gays...right Mr. Obama?). Someone give me a PRAISE JESUS, and let the raping of WHITEY BEGIN. By the way Roland (Chipmunk) Martin, Reverend Al Sharpton and even Oprah, do not bother taking exception with my words or calling foul.

I know what I know, I am who I am, and no I do not have diamonds in the soles of my shoes. President Barack Hussein Obama, Mr. Harvard Law School Graduate is a Black Bigot no matter how much he wishes to hide it, no matter how much he and his Obama Zombies will want to deny it. As the expression says, "Actions speak louder than words", and though the man with the platinum tongue speaks words from the mountain top, his actions are those of a gutter snake, his agenda divisive as he sets out to destroy the Main Street America White Community in the name of Affirmative Action, in the name of correcting the Legacy of Slavery and Race Discrimination.

One would think something as important as the President's first MAJOR speech on Education would be shared before a National Audience. Instead Barack Hussein Obama today went before a quasi racist Latino Chamber of Commerce (who embraces the La Raza rally call of one race above all others, who idolizes and supports through its members the racist organization of MALDEF) to deliver said speech on Education. Talk about sending a clear signal that WHITEY CAN DIE, OUR CHILDREN CAN STARVE, he is granting AMNESTY. Has he even bothered to look at these groups agenda's, or does his desire for a permanent Democratic Majority supersede reason and justice? Take any of these three organizations platforms, and replace the word Caucasian or white for Latino, and we would be having ourselves compared to the KKK, would be under constant surveillance by the FBI, but since these groups represent Latino people, its OK. Maybe Eric Holder was speaking about the Latino Chamber of Commerce, La Raza and MALDEF when he made his "Nation of Cowards" remarks, spoke about self segregation.

It is not just this one action that has me calling the President of the United States of America a Black Bigot. We have over 12 million Americans out of work in this nation (many of them white, many of them black), many of them living in tent cities or homeless. Meanwhile, because President Obama refused to push E Verify through the Congress, over SEVEN MILLION Illegal Alien Criminals(most of them Latino) continue to be employed in jobs that rightfully belong to LEGAL CITIZENS.

Additionally, in conjunction with demon spawn Senator Reid, E Verify was again defeated, kept out of the just passed Omnibus Budget Bill because these two Brown Nosing BIGOTS are willing to sell Main Street Americans down the creek for a voting block, want to win favor with the Latino community by steering 300,000 Stimulus Jobs to Illegal Aliens.

Every segment of OBama's overly ambitious agenda is aimed AT OPPOSING THE WHITE MIDDLE CLASS, stripping us of our rights, our dignity, and our Health Care...that's right, lets be honest. Obama's Socialist Health Care Proposals would ration health care benefits to Baby Boomers (most of us White) so that those citizens under 30, and 12-25 million Illegal Aliens could have the health care they are lacking...Obama thinks it is right and just to take the dream from one man and give it to another...sorry, but that was not what Martin Luther King meant when he said, "I have a Dream".

How many of you saw one of Obama's Financial Adviser's (Mr Third Reich) testifying before Congress come right out and say that Stimulus Jobs need kept out of the hands of educated people, and WHITE CONSTRUCTION WORKERS? In that same hearing, how many hear Congressman Rangel call for FORMULAS that would accomplish exactly that, and then with a wink and a nod tells Mr. Reich not to worry about WHITEY, that we are too busy trying to survive to catch what they are up to. Of course, when all this was dragged out into the light of day, did our Black Bigot President SAY ANY THING ABOUT IT, call these two close confidants on the carpet for their sins....of course not, that whole episode was SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET, after all, we could not taint the Inauguration Celebrations of our nation's FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT with a race scandal brewing now could we?


1. Have E Verify enacted, funded and put into operation as a MANDATORY program immediately.

2. Begin serious Interior Immigration Enforcement with MASSIVE WORK PLACE RAIDS.

3. Step up Justice Department actions to deport those here Illegally.

4. Through Executive Order, eliminate instantly ALL FEDERAL FUNDING TO ORGANIZATIONS AND CITIES aiding and abetting Illegal Aliens. This would include MALDEF, La Raza, Latino Chamber of Commerce, MATT, Catholic Charities, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego, Chicago (Cicero) and New York.