Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CNN's Pro Illegal Alien Rick Sanchez Trying To Blame Mexican Drug War On Americans

Rick Sanchez, you could try to be a little less Pro Illegal Alien in your news show. You are so bias in every presenation of (Latino) issues surrounding Immigration and Illegal Aliens. Further, enough with the Glenda Umana segments...she cannot even speak clear coherent ENGLISH, and last I looked, CNN is a English Speaking Channel. I am sure she can keep plenty busy on CNN Español or Univsion, but if she cannot speak English in a clear concise intelligble manner, she should not be given air time on your show.

Sure my IN YOUR FACE approach here will offend you, but you know what...you offend me with your presentation of news stories surrounding Illegal Alien CRIMINALS. You always are putting the POOR LATINO's TRYING TO GET BY spin on the stories. Well here is a CLULE...this is AMERICA, and we have 14 Million LEGAL IMMIGRANTS WORKING IN AMERICA RIGHT NOW, and I AM FINE WITH THAT even though 12.5 Million Legal American Citizens are OUT OF WORK. What I am NOT FINE WITH, is the 7 Million Illegal Aliens working in the American Job Market. What I am not fine with is you trying to act like Mexico's DRUG WAR is OUR FAULT...FUCK YOU SIR!

Mexico is RIFE WITH CRIME, and has been since ALMOST FOREVER. You want to know why there is a drug war raging in Mexico...CORRUPTION CLEAR UP THROUGH AND INCLUDING El Presidente Calderon! Perhaps because of your own family blood lines, you have a horrid habit of siding NOT WITH AMERICA and AMERICANS first, but with Latino's first...simply stated, you have wrong sighted loyalties that make you guilty of TREASON, and CNN should seriously consider taking you OFF THE AIR.