Sunday, March 8, 2009

Eric "The Black Bigot" Holder Needs To Resign, Obama Needs to STOP GAMING Main Street America

You know a man needs to go when Obama is trying to EXPLAIN what one of his staff was trying to say, Holder needs to fall on his own sword...the time has come for MR. "When it comes to race Americans are cowards" Holder to fall on his sword, and hoping when he does, the tip of the sword slides right up his backside point first. Like it or not, Holder's remarks shall live in infamy, and will continue to haunt the Obama administration as long as Eric Holder remains Attorney General. As Air Force One guzzles $53,000 dollars in fuel an hour, as the President needlessly flitted around the country trying to sell his failing Economic Recovery plan he spoke to reporters on the whole HOLDER DEBACLE.

"I think it’s fair to say that if I had been advising my attorney general, we would have used different language," Obama told the New York Times aboard Air Force One on Friday. "I think the point that he was making is that we’re oftentimes uncomfortable with talking about race until there’s some sort of racial flare-up or conflict, and that we could probably be more constructive in facing up to the painful legacy of slavery and Jim Crow and discrimination."

BLINK...keep diging the hole deeper there Mr. Obama. Let me give you a clue...many of us in the WHITE COMMUNITY are tired of hearing about the legacy of slavery, tired of being told we need to keep sacrificing in the name of leveling the playing field. Remarks by your close friends (Mr. Third Reich) before Congress suggesting that the Stimulus should be steered in such a fashion as to keep jobs from going to White Construction workers, Congressman Rangel following in his footsteps with a suggestion that SPECIAL FORMULAS be used for the stimulus that would force state governors to funnel the money to minority (BLACK) communities is beginning to taint your administration as the most racist in American History. Even in your defense of Eric Holder there is a subtle "rub WHITEY's nose in the past" rhetoric that is stale. Why not come out and admit it President yourself ARE A REVERSE RACIST, have some deep seated resentments of WHITE PEOPLE that see you pushing policy aimed at hurting us at every step of the way.

1. E Verify if enacted into law would put the majority of seven million illegal aliens OUT OF WORK, but the majority of those jobs would probably go to White People, so lets instruct the Senate (THROUGH Harry Reid) to strip it out of the Stimulus Bill, keep it out of the Omnibus Budget by opposing Senator Sessions amendment that would enact E Verify for a period of five years and fund its implementation.

2. Amnesty for Illegal Aliens in the name of Comprehenisve Immigration Reform. Stop pandering to the Latino minority voting block Mr. Obama...criminals are criminals, and if you do the math, deportation MAKES SENSE. Seven million illegal Aliens still have jobs, many of them OFF THE BOOKS here in America. Let's be conservative, and assume that seeing those Illegal Aliens fired (through E Verify) and deported (ENFORCEMENT) saw four million Americans PUT BACK TO WORK. That would drop our national unemployment under SIX PERCENT! If Blacks, based on their percentage of the whole (twelve percent) were rehired, put back to work, the black community is looking at HALF A MILLION JOBS that you sir ARE DENYING THEM. So you hate the white man enough that you will hurt your OWN PEOPLE if you can hurt whites more?

Your socialist/communistic approach is NOT WORKING Obama. Your economic recovery plan is DOOMED TO FAIL when you are expecting one group of us (predominantly White Middle Class Americans)to suffer in the name of the GREATER WHOLE. Why should we have to pick up the tab, pay the price incurred so that Illegal Aliens can live the American Dream, bring their families here to live their dreams as well? Why should we have to pay for the Stimulus, but have Congressman Rangel and others creating formulus that keep us from getting any of the jobs? Why should we embrace your plan for Comprehensive Health Care Reform when what you are doing is RATIONING HEALTH CARE TO WHITE PEOPLE so that you can hand out FREE HEALTH CARE to minorities...tell us President many children of Illegal Aliens did you give Health Coverage to compliments of America's Smokers? Further, what happens if those smokers don't cover the expected cost of your generosity, and who the hell do you think you are to TAKE AWAY WHAT WE HAVE EARNED in the name of a GREATER GOOD? Especially when Wall Street, corrupt banks, and a corrupt government have already RAPED US OUT OF MOST OF WHAT WE HAD.

Let's get real here Barack want to put America on the right track?

1. Let us cut Federal Salaries across the board by 30 percent...that still leaves them on average 10 percent above Private Industry pay scales for similiar jobs. You talk about BELT TIGHTENING, but want to leave Federal Government and ALL OF ITS EMPLOYEES AS SACRED FUCKING COWS!

2. Let us scale back PENSIONS for elected officials...tell me Mr. Obama why it is that members of Congress are GUARANTEED $40,000 A YEAR FOR LIFE after spending ONLY FIVE YEARS in Congress! (that figure goes up with each additional year they serve) Tell us Mr. much will you get when you leave office between your Presidential pension and your pension from serving in the Senate?

3. Let's SCALE BACK the Health Care that Elected Officials and Federal Employees get so that it is on par with whatever it is that Average Americans will get under your proposed Health Care Reform...after all, why should we be paying with our taxes for a Health Care Plan for Federal Employees that is better than what we can afford for ourselves. Lets have PARITY HERE MR PRESIDENT, instead of a system that has Federal Employees being defacto a SPECIAL AND PRIVILEDGED CLASS OF PEOPLE much like what existed under the good old days of the USSR.

4. Stop all BAILOUTS to corporate should have simply BOUGHT UP THE TOXIC assets to begin them, don't buy them, but stop throwing our dollars DOWN A RAT HOLE through bailouts, and the purchasing of WORTHLESS STOCKS.

5. Our men and women in the Military deserve great pensions. What they do not deserve, is collecting those pensions before the age of 64. All Federal Pensions, including those for members of our military should have a earliest age of collection of benefits cap on them of 64. It is rediculous that people can put say 30 years into government and then at say 48 (assuming they went into military at say 18)start collecting retirement benefits. My wife has 30 years in, but cannot collect her retirement benefits for at least seven more years at age 59 and one would be 64, but there is no pension, only mandatory (matched) 401K account. Further, those who collect Federal Retirement Pensions should NOT BE ALLOWED TO DOUBLE, TRIPLE DIP by also collecting Social or the other, but NOT BOTH. Same with elected officials that GAME THE SYSTEM and are collecting sometimes as many as FOUR DIFFERENT GOVERNMENT PENSIONS. YOU GET ONE...end of story.

6. Your Omnibus budget calls for (on average) an eight percent budget increase for almost every department of Federal call that TIGHTENING YOUR BELT. No, lets have an across the board TEN PERCENT CUT. My proposed Salary Cuts would attain this goal.

7. You say you want to stop funding Federal Programs that do not work...let us start with AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, the most racist of all Government Programs. Equal Rights are not SPECIAL RIGHTS. The time when the Congressman Rangel's of the world see nothing wrong with calling for SPECIAL FORMULA's AIMED AT KEEPING WHITEY OUT have got to come to an end.

8. Pass a Federal law that stops all funding to organizations, cities, states that aid and abet illegal aliens. The time of IGNORING OUR LAWS, the time of letting people break our laws in the name of CHEAP WAGES needs to end RIGHT NOW. You want us to respect our government, you want us to respect Law Enforcement officials, you want us to respect the courts and its judges, then lets have LAW ENFORCEMENT FOR EVERYONE, rather than a system that IGNORES IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT because the NAtional Chamber of Commerce wants the CHEAPS WAGES that unchecked illegal immigrations affords them.

9. Withdraw from the WTO (World Trade Organization) and end NAFTA. A World Economy has shown itself FATALLY FLAWED...especially when the big gorilla in the room (CHINA) decides it can manipulate its currency so that everything is stacked in its favor.

10 Corporate GREED has wiped out most Middle Class Americans, and Boomers 401 K accounts, destroyed the equity in our homes. To partially restore what was wrongfully stolen from us, through A Executive Order, or Congressional Law, there needs to be a WRITE DOWN OF ALL PERSONAL DEBT (including mortgages) of 30 percent. Wall Street and the banks caused this Economic Crisis, they got their bailout, and now it is time to GIVE US OURS, RESTORE TO US WHAT THEY COST US...we want our WRITE DOWN OF DEBT!

Curious here Mr. Obama...what happens if Main Street America says they have had enough. What happens if those home owners that have been screwed say FUCK YOU AMERICA, I am walking away from my UPSIDE DOWN MORTGAGE, I am NOT GOING TO PAY THE DEBT RUN UP ON MY CREDIT CARS BECAUSE MY COUNTRY SCREWED ME, AND IT IS PAY BACK TIME? We both know the answer Mr. President, we both know how quickly you would have to declare Martial Law, how quickly you would have to create FORCED LABOR CAMPS. In short, it would be a broken Democracy desparately trying to hang on to power as Anarcy swept across the land...SIMPLY STATED, WE WOULD BECOME MEXICO ON STERIODS.

So stop GAMING US OBAMA, stop pretending like we have a seat at the table, and instead GIVE US A SEAT AT THE TABLE.