Friday, March 13, 2009

Roland Martin Misses The Mark On Violence Against Women...

Anyone that follows this blog regularly knows I am not fond of Roland Martin of the chipmunk cheeks, and over sized ego, and I admit my disappointment today when I found out he would be sitting in for Campbell Brown this evening. As a part of his Black slanted mutation of Campbell's show he did a piece on Abuse Against Women.

Without going into details, going to stake FLAT OUT that Roland Martin missed the boat when it comes to ending Domestic Violence Against want to end Domestic Violence, level the playing field when it comes to social services, when it comes to men being able to speak out about the abuse they have endured (most times as children). I dare Roland Martin to do some research, to see how much money, how many programs are out there for women to deal with their issues from abuse suffered, then compare that with that is out there for men.

You want to break the cycle of abuse, start giving men the opportunity and social programs they need to heal, start giving men the public platform to be heard, to cry their tears.