Friday, March 13, 2009

Ethics Investigation of Rep Luis Guiterrez For Violation of Separation of Church and State


My readers are encouraged to join in efforts to see Treasonous Congressman Luis Guiterrez at least censured, if not impeached for dereliction of duty, violation of the public trust and Treason. When we have over 12 million Americans out of work, struggling to feed their families, this Congressman is using our tax dollars to aid and abet Illegal Aliens in their push to have AMNESTY. Tell us Luis Guiterrez, with over 12 Million Americans out of work, why do you feel it is fair for over seven million illegal alien criminals to have our jobs? With over 12 million Americans out of work, why do you feel it is fair that 300,000 Illegal Aliens will get Stimulus Jobs PAID FOR WITH OUR TAXES all because you, and treasonous members of Congress like you are trying to stop E Verify until AFTER YOU GIVE 12-25 Million illegal alien criminals AMNESTY.

For those wanting to join our efforts to have Congressman Luis Guiterrez investigated for Ethics Violations, just use this form letter, sign your name and mail it in!

To: Kenyan Brown
Ken Kelner
Representative Zoe Lofgren, Chair
Representative Jo Bonner, Ranking
Ethics/Standards Committee
House of Representatives
HT-2, The Capitol
Washington, DC 20515


Dear Ethics and Standards Committee:

I am writing you today on issues important to both myself, and millions of Americans who are suffering as a result of unchecked Illegal Immigration into American that sees 12.5 Million Legal Main Street Americans out of work, having trouble feeding their families while over seven million illegal alien criminals are still employed in our work force, against Federal Laws and Statute. The issues I raise are Economic Justice Issues, but are also a complaint against your committee, Rep. Luis Guiterrez, and to a lesser degree the members of Congress participating in the Hispanic Caucus, and the Caucus itself.

Complaint One (Economic Justice Issue) Against The Ethics Committee Itself:

Your rules and protocols have Tax Paying American Citizens being forced to A) use a fax machine, or B) use the United States Postal Service to formally file complaints with your office/committee. It is pointed out that most middle and lower income families do not have fax machines in their homes, would be forced to expend their dwindling financial reserves driving to, and paying a retail location such as Staples to provide the service to them. The same scenario is painted for mailing in a complaint. First, the paper, envelop and gasoline used to go to the Post Office are not environmentally friendly, goes against President Obama's Green Initiatives, and force us to needlessly contribute to Global Warming. Further, these steps as outlined cost financial resources that the citizen might not have.

Conversely, most citizens have access to the Internet, either in their homes, or a short walk away at the local library. Sending your Ethics Committee their complaint/allegation via email can be done for free, is convenient for your customer (The United States Tax Payer), and is not onerous and problematic like using a Fax or the United States Postal Service is. It is further pointed out here, that several court cases have established precedent that Email is considered a legal and acceptable document.

Your committees refusal to change your protocols amounts to Economic Racism, and I am formally requesting that you immediately change your procedures and protocols, rather than forcing those in the lowest sector of our American Economy to file a more formal complaint with the United States Justice Department.

Complaint Two

It is formally alleged that Congressman Luis Guiterrez (D) Chicago is violating the ethics and standards of Congress, and the core principles of the United States of America Constitution, as well as breaking numerous Federal Laws which make it a criminal offense to aid and abet Illegal Aliens in remaining in the United States of America.

Luis Guiterrez, and other members of Congress who belong to the Hispanic Caucus have been advertising, promoting and participating in a series of events held through out America touted as the Listening Tour, said events aimed at highlighting the plight of Illegal Aliens, and pushing their Amnesty Agenda. What members of Congress do in their own personal time is their business, but when they are representing the United States of America and its taxpayers, there is a standard of propriety they are held to, that your Committee holds them to. It is my belief that Luis Guiterrez's Listening Tour violates your ethics/standards rules, and perhaps steps over the line, violates the law in several ways.

1, Luis Guiterrez is wrongfully using his position as a Congressman, his staff, materials and assets of his office to promote a series of events aimed at/helping non citizens, non constituents. Simply stated, he is using American Taxpayers funds to Aid and Abet Illegal Aliens in remaining in the United States of America, is meeting with these Criminal Illegal Aliens at these events, has instructed his staff to work and cooperate with Illegal Aliens contacting his office for assistance.

2. Luis Guiterrez is violating the separation of Church and State as was originally outlined and spoken of in a letter written by Thomas Jefferson in 1802 to the Danbury Baptists, in which he referred to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution as creating a "wall of separation" between church and state. Despite this WALL OF SEPARATION, Congressman Luis Guiterrze, Congressman Baca, Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, Rep Xavier Becerra, Rep Grace F Napolitano, Rep Linda Sanchez and others are violating this line by attending and/or participating in some or all of these events, each being held not just in church's, but in the Holy Sanctuary itself...already, Luis Guiterrez (after using Federal Employees to promote these events, after using federal tax payer dollars to promote these events, to travel to these events) has STOOD AT THE PULPIT (Emphasis Added) delivering a message of AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS.

As supporting documentation, I have posted his Press Release, which was prepared by Federal Government Staff, distributed with Federal Government Staff and Funds. A cursory examination of this Press Release touting the 17 City Tour proves conclusively that Congressman Luis Guiterrez is:

A) Using Government Funds to effect and change public policy, defacto using federal funds to lobby both himself and Congress, though a check shows he is NOT REGISTERED as a LOBBYIST.

B) The Press release shows he is using staff (Federal Employees) to aid and abet outside organizations to effect public policy. (La Raza, MALDEF, Chamber of Commerce)

C) Is deliberately and Egregiously crossing the line between Church and State by preaching his Pro Illegal Alien/AMNESTY message from the church pulpit, while using his position as a member of Congress to pull in the media, to get himself and his cause Media Attention and Press Coverage.

I am asking you to formally investigate Congressman Luis Guiterrez, his office staff, and any/all members of Congress and the Hispanic Caucus that have participated in these series of events, or participated in the promotion of them. If these allegations are deemed to be true, we ask you to go BEYOND CENSURE, and impeach Congressman Luis Guiterrez for violating the Public Trust, for being guilty of Treason against the United States of America.

Respectfully Submitted,

CC President Barack Obama
Various Press Contacts LUIS GUITERREZ Press Release

Gutierrez Expands "Family Unity" Immigration Outreach Tour: 16 Cities in Five Weeks
Interfaith Communities Unite to Document Urgency for Immigration Reform in 2009
February 18, 2009
Congressman Luis Guiterrez
Media Contact: Rebecca Dreilinger (202) 225-8203; Community Organizer Contact: Enrique Fernandez (202) 225-820

(Washington DC) Today, U.S. Representative Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) announced he will expand his five-week national tour—now visiting 16 U.S. cities—to document the harm caused to citizens across our nation in the absence of comprehensive immigration reform. In an unprecedented nationwide effort, Gutierrez will visit local communities and churches to spearhead the Family Unity Tour, which will hold community meetings, prayer vigils and town halls for thousands of U.S. citizens whose families have been or risk being torn apart by a broken immigration system. Many members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus are also holding similar events in their districts.

When & Where:

1. February 27, Providence, RI

2. February 28, Atlanta, GA

3. March 1, Albuquerque, NM

4. March 7, Ontario, CA arrive at 8:30am

5. March 7, San Francisco, CA

6. March 8, Phoenix, AZ

7. March 13 El Paso, TX

8. March 13, Los Angeles, CA*

9. March 14, Dallas, TX

10. March 15, Mission, TX

11. March 21, Chicago, IL

12. March 21, Joliet, IL

13. March 22, Milwaukee, WI

14. March 27, Las Vegas, NV

15. March 28, Orlando, FL

16. March 29, Miami, FL

17. April 4, Philadelphia, PA

"As a nation —as citizens— we cannot wait any longer for fair and just immigration reform," said Rep. Gutierrez. "Across America, parents and children, husbands and wives are being torn apart by a system that values quotas over family values and which undermines our economic security in a time of crisis. It is for this reason that U.S. citizens in each of these cities are joining this effort and standing up for real, lasting change."

Already nearly 40 evangelical church leaders, representing nearly 20,000 parishioners, have joined Rep. Gutierrez to demonstrate the vast numbers of American families—from all political backgrounds—who demand change from a legal system that undermines family values. U.S. citizens whose families have been affected will be available at each event to share their specific stories with press.

*The event in Los Angeles will not be attended by Rep. Gutierrez. Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, including Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, Rep. Xavier Becerra, Rep. Grace F. Napolitano, and Rep. Linda Sanchez will attend.

* * *

Gutierrez: 8 1/2 minutes

Pelosi Part 1: Aw 7 minutes

Pelosi Part 2: 7 minutes

The petitions: 5 minutes


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