Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hey Rick Sanchez! Mexican Drug Cartels ARE TIED TO TERRORIST...CHECK YOUR SOURCES, Here Are Mine!

Rick Sanchez is beating his Pro Illegal Alien, stop picking on Latino's and Mexicans drum today as he trots out Pro Mexico guests to do a WAH WAH WAH, there is no Drug War here rant, to claim Mexico is not a failing nation. First, Mexico has been a failing nation since 1811, and secondly maybe Rick Should pull his head out of his Pro Illegal Alien asshole long enough to check with ALL sources, instead of only those forces that support his biased agenda. Seems a GENERAL with the United States National Guard believes there is a drug war going on, and in fact goes further to STATE MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS have direct connections to terrorist organizations around the world. But you sir want to KEEP OUR BORDER WITH MEXICO OPEN, want to GRANT 12-25 Criminal Illegal Aliens (most of them Latino and from Mexico) Amnesty.

General: Drug Cartels Are Linked To Terrorism
Submitted by national on Tuesday, 10 March 2009
General: Drug Cartels Are Linked To Terrorism
The head of the U.S. National Guard Bureau, Gen. Craig McKinley said the link between terrorism and drug cartels along the United States’ border with Mexico is increasingly clear. He went on to say the National Guard will be critical in helping protect the United States in the event of a terrorist attack and the growing threat of violent drug cartels operating along the Southwestern border with Mexico. McKinley said the drug cartels in Latin America are clearly connected to organized criminal groups who support and funnel money to terrorist organizations.
“The Southwest border is one of the most critical areas in the nation right now,” McKinley said. “The nature of the drug cartels along the Southwest border is becoming increasingly menacing, and the linkages between drug cartels through organized crime back to terrorist organizations cannot be disputed.”