Friday, March 13, 2009

China's Worried About United States Assets! THE REAL STORY...THEIR ECONOMY IS CRASHING

China is out on the airwaves telling their citizens THAT EVERYTHING IS FINE, promising them that GROWTH shall continue in China this year, that the Slave's Republic will actually meet its projected growth predictions...then almost in a whisper, "assuming the interest on United States assets/loans in the form of bonds is actually paid out. Which is why suddenly they were expressing some WORRY about their trillion plus dollars in assets here in America. Even at two percent interest, do the math!

How about (as Paul Harvey would say) the rest of the story? Here is a clue folks...the Chinese Economy IS CRASHING, and President Hu KNOWS IT! Don't believe me, think I am a NUT CASE...want some proof? There DEMAND FOR OIL IS TANKING, a sure sign that not only has forward movement in their economy stopped, but that it is sliding backwards, beginning TO PICK UP SPEED! Simply stated Main Street America, we have the power to KILL THE GREAT RED MENACE...just don't buy anything Made or Produced in China.