Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Open Demand To Bias President Obama For Equal Rights and Treatment

Dear President Obama:

I am all for Equal Rights and Opportunity, which is why I am opposed to Affirmative Action. I also applaud your desire to see your daughters have an Equal Opportunity, and Equal Pay when they grow up. I even applaud your action today in forming the White House Counsel on Women's Issues. That being said, I am FORMALLY DEMANDING HERE that you not show preferential treatment and bias for one sex over another by not forming the White House Counsel on Men's Issues. Further, since this is MY IDEA, think it only fair that you name me to head this White House Counsel on Mens Issues. Lastly, and in keeping with your own desire of providing Equal Opportunity to all, I am assuming here, that you will soon be announcing the formation of the White House Counsel on GLBT Issues? Come on President Obama, we want our White House to show us they EMBRACE THE CONCEPT OF A RAINBOW COALITION that is INCLUSIVE OF ALL PEOPLE...where are our Counsels inside the White House?

The Staff
Washington Scandal