Saturday, March 14, 2009

Are Commercial Reactor Host Communities Being Exposed To Cancer Causing Tritium in Name of Thermonuclear Bombs?

Just in from the Green Nuclear Underground...are American's Commercial Nuclear Reactor Communities being wrongfully exposed to Tritium, is the NRC deliberately down playing the significance of Tritium releases into the environment in the name of America's Thermonuclear arsenal?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Commercial Nuclear War Machine Rumbles On...The Ugly Tritium Truth

It has been the contention of this author (for decades) that you cannot separate the Commercial Nuclear Industry from the Military Nuclear Industry as they are equal parts of the whole that is the Siamese Demon Spawn that is the Commercial/Military Complex. I came to this conclusion early in the 80's as my knowledge base on the Gaseous Diffusion plants in Paducah Kentucky and Portsmouth Ohio increased, was solidified when I drove around the Portsmouth Facility, saw the miles upon miles of stacked up, rusting barrels of Depleted Uranium.

I've felt all along that the Anti Nuclear Groups needed to JOIN FORCES with those who opposed Nuclear Weapons, have bemoaned the lack of worry the Anti-Nuclear Weapons folks have given to commercial nuclear reactors....especially in the last say ten years as the NRC races to rubber stamp the License Renewal Applications of America's 104 Ancient Nuclear Behemoths, failed reactors left over from a failed nuclear legacy that the DOD, DOE, NRC and the nuclear industry desperately want to keep up and running to save the industry, and...COULD IT BE THE UNITED STATES NUCLEAR ARSENAL?


One of the BIGGEST problems that the NRC has been ignoring of late is the TRITIUM leaking from an ever increasing number of American Reactor sites. The latest example of this was the UNDERGROUND PIPE RUPTURE at Indian Point on February 21st of this year. The licensee estimates some 100,000 gallons of tritiated water RUSHED into the Hudson River as a result of this significant accident. The NRC Propaganda Team was quick to rush out to the medium with their patented, "No harm no foul" message that stakeholders were never in any immediate danger. (Notice the slick use of the word IMMEDIATE?) Further, the NRC, NEI and the entire nuclear industry are going to a whole lot of trouble to MAKE AMERICANS COMFORTABLE with Tritium LEAKING INTO OUR ENVIRONMENT...WHY?


First, how many of you knew that the DOE/DOD used to operate two Military Reactors whose sole purpose was the PRODUCTION OF TRITIUM?...DOES THAT HAVE YOUR ATTENTION?

How many of you knew that those two reactors were permanently closed down in the early 90's for SERIOUS SAFETY CONCERNS?

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen used to enhance the explosive yield of every thermonuclear weapon. Tritium has a radioactive decay rate of 5.5% per year and has not been produced in this country for weapons purposes since 1988 when the K Reactor at Savannah River Site in South Carolina was shut down for safety reasons.


Tritium's decay rate of 5.5 percent a year means that THERMONUCLEAR WEAPONS NEED TO BE RECHARGED on a FAIRLY REGULAR BASIS...the only place to get Tritium is from the operation of NUCLEAR REACTORS! ARE YOU SEEING THE LIGHT BULB YET?

Where are armies of citizens into the tens of thousands storming to the gates of every Nuclear Reactor Site in America that is LEAKING TRITIUM...we are being poisoned for THE WAR WHORES!