Monday, March 9, 2009

Talk About SAME OLD SAME OLD, OBama's Three Treasury Nominations BITE!

Just in from Main Street Revolution a very interesting article on OBama's three Assistant Treasury first blush, he needs to GO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Main Street, Can You Afford Obama's Three Assistant Treasury Nominees? They ARE NOT CHANGE!

In breaking news from Bloomberg News (and other sources) is the fact that President Obama has named three Assistant Treasury folks...if you are looking for CHANGE, these three picks are not it. Let us first start off with sleaze bag former CHIEF POLITICAL ANALYSIS FOR LEHMAN BROTHERS (yes, the BANKRUPT Lehman Brothers) during the George W. Bush years Kim Wallace. Talk about a Washington INSIDER of the WORST KIND, and to top it off, a part of one of Wall Street's firms that SCREWED MAIN STREET AMERICANS out of our retirement money. If you want to know what kind of a sleazy dirt bag individual Kim is, you only need to look at readily available Campaign donations.

Kim Wallace is a shrewd operator, one of those SNAKES that plays both sides to the middle so that when the dust has settled, Kim Wallace is there to COLLECT on FAVORS OWED. On May 30th, 2007 (against FED RULES AND REGULATIONS) Kim Wallace apparently donated $2300 to Obama, and $4600 to Obama. Surely that deserves some investigation before MOVING FORWARD. In August of 2007 Kim tossed another $250 too Obama, but in September of 2007 apparently made the decision that Clinton was still a very serious contender, as Kim tossed Hillary Clinton $2300 in campaign donations. (That position at the now DEFUNCT Lehman Brothers must have been paying REALLY WELL.) In early 2008 Kim tossed another $250 to Obama. Curious here, where is the CHANGE that President Obama promised us? Can you get any more K-Street, business as usual nominations that what we see in this simple review of (only some) Kim Wallace's campaign donations?

As if this were not bad enough, Kim Wallace was also acting (presumably for pay) as a Presidential Campaign Analysis of sorts. Lets take a look at her on the air interview:

Tuesday, February 05, 2008 (Seventeen days after Kim donated more funds to Obama.)

SUSIE GHARIB: Today is the biggest primary day in U.S. history and it could be a defining one for the 2008 presidential race. Joining us now for analysis of what to expect, Kim Wallace, chief political strategist at Lehman Brothers. Hi, Kim.


GHARIB: So by tomorrow morning will we have a clear cut nominee for the Democrats and the Republicans?

WALLACE: I doubt it. I think by noon you'll know who won most of the delegates in the counting for today, but my sense is that the contest is going to go on through at least the first quarter, especially on the Democratic side, possibly on the Republican side.

GHARIB: Kim, as the nation's economic situation worsens, does that play in favor of any particular candidate?

WALLACE: Not really because all the candidates will soon be addressing the economy. On the Republican side, they've been slow to separate themselves from the Bush economic policies of the past six years, but my expectation is that will change quickly. On the Democratic side they've been talking about economic stimulus programs, but nothing like the magnitude that's being discussed in Washington now.

GHARIB: But in terms of any specific plans, we're seeing polls every day coming out saying that Americans are so concerned about the economy. Will we start getting some specifics from the candidates on their economic plans?

WALLACE: I doubt it. The piece you had in front of this interview shows why. Whether you're talking about the state of Maine or the state of Michigan, the jobs that are being lost or devalued are very difficult for Washington to address from the policy standpoint of fiscal tools.

GHARIB: Go ahead. Elaborate a little bit more on that.

WALLACE: It's just very difficult to confront what's going on in the global marketplace from Washington, DC through fiscal policy and hope to reverse the effects of the global marketplace in a short period of time. NOTICE FOLKS THAT Kim does not talk about Main Street Americans, but instead is talking about FISCAL POLICY THAT WILL REVERSE THE EFFECTS OF THE GLOBAL MARKETPLACE! In short, Wallace is a World Trade Organization, Pro China, Pro Free Trade, CHEAP LABOR Pro Illegal Alien, OPEN BORDERS, LIBERAL GUEST WORKER PLAN Elitist who cares less if the Average Middle Class American is hurting. This should tell a whole lot of Average OUT OF WORK Democrats living on Main Street a whole lot about who OBAMA REALLY IS.

GHARIB: So you don't see the candidates even addressing any issues like what to do about housing?

WALLACE: Well, they've started talking about housing, but not in a significant way. The administration has taken the lead there and thus far the administration has signaled that it's going to approach the housing situation by continuing to encourage the Fed to cut the Federal funds rate, to reform the FHA, the Federal Housing Authority and to also increase the loan limits at Fannie, Freddie and the FHA, so that people hopefully can refinance their loans at a better rate. TALK ABOUT MISSED OPPORTUNITY! Kim Wallace based on campaign contributions already HAD OBAMA's EAR, yet DID NOTHING.

GHARIB: Usually there is a candidate that Wall Street and corporate America really favors. Is there someone this time that is a clear-cut person that Wall Street would like to see get elected?

WALLACE: I don't think there's any one clear-cut. They all appeal to the market in different ways. In terms of just pure market and economics, probably former Governor Romney would be the favorite of most of the Republicans in the market, but as I said before,, all of the candidates have a piece of Wall Street to which they appeal.

GHARIB: Well, just a little bit more about Mitt Romney. What it is about him that the business world finds attractive?

WALLACE: Two aspects of his life. I think one, his experience in the capital markets as a bank consultant, and then two, his chief executive experience in the state of Massachusetts and then his ability to manage the winter Olympics out of Salt Lake City.

GHARIB: What are you telling your clients and investors of how to handicap this election?

WALLACE: Don't bet early. One of the beautiful aspects of the 2008 electoral process is that it's wide open. We don't have an incumbent from the White House, that is a sitting president or vice president running on the ticket for the first time since 1952 on either side. That means that the candidates have had to go through a grueling process of introducing themselves, discussing some of the ideas that they'd like to implement when they get to the White House and exposing themselves to the process that we've seen unfold since Iowa. It's been very exacting. (Don't bet EARLY unless you can afford to bet ON EVERY HORSE you think has a chance. Just look at the Campaign Contributions...THIS IS CHANGE OBAMA?)

GHARIB: All right. Thank you so much, Kim. We really appreciate you coming on the program.

WALLACE: Thank you, Susie.

GHARIB: My guest tonight, Kim Wallace, chief political strategist at Lehman Brothers.

Everyone needs to visit the White House web site and leave Obama an email demanding that Kim Wallace be DROPPED as one of his Assistant Treasury Secretaries...enough of the political nepotism, business as usual, favor repaying POLITICS AS NORMAL. Obama promised us change, and Kim Wallace is NOT CHANGE...where is Sean Hannity? Not fond of him, or FOX, but this is RIGHT UP HIS ALLEY!

Next we have the Ivory Tower Egg Head, Alan B. Krueger. All we have to say to know this is the WORST KIND OF FAVOR REPAYING NEPOTISM is Mac Author Foundation, Dearborn St. in Chicago Illinois. That's right folks, Alan B. Krueger is one of those Brie eating FAR LEFT Chablis drinkers that thinks all the world's ills can be fixed if Main Street Americans (WHITE ONES) just keep sacrificing in the name of Affirmative Action and Equality while him and his cronies get rich...what does Mac Author do you might ask...they love giving away/awarding GRANTS, especially to preserve LOW INCOME (think section eight) rental housing. If you visit the Mac Author web site, you find out that they have $68 Million dollars (ALREADY) for FORECLOSURE MITIGATION. OK, here is a question that Alan B should have to answer. Mr. Krueger, can you assure the American people that none of the money given away by Mac Author has gone to, or benefited Illegal Aliens? (Include Cicero in your answer there Alan!)

It is not just homeowners and their families who are affected by the foreclosure crisis. As many as one-third of foreclosed properties are multifamily units, putting renters in jeopardy when building owners can no longer afford their mortgages. In some cases, renters have been evicted without legally required notice, losing security deposits, incurring moving expenses, and being forced to double up. Read this quote from the Mac Author web site carefully...grants should go to help ABSENTEE LANDLORDS keep their homes so that Illegal Aliens can keep their apartments is how I read it.

Our DEAR Alan is also on the board of the Russel Sage if you want to talk about a Foundation TAINTED WITH WALL STREET MONEY, this is it.

The Russell Sage Foundation was founded in 1907 by Margaret O. Sage as a memorial to her husband, the prominent politician and Wall Street financier who had died in 1906.

It is rather interesting, that the original building for this charity that was built as a Memorial to this man was sold to Catholic know, the SAME CATHOLIC CHARITIES that aid and abet Illegal Aliens (the seven million of them holding jobs that belong to Main Street Americans), is pushing (along with the National Chamber of Commerce) a AMNESTY AGENDA under the guise of Earned Citizenship and Comprehensive Immigration Reform. It would seem I have laid out enough information right here for organizations such as ALIPAC and FAIR to rally their troops to stop this nomination!

We still have to deal with David Cohen, but the hour grows late, so for now will simply paste up some back ground info on Mr. the way, I encourage EVERY AMERICAN to interview Alan since he is being paid with our taxes. You can email him here.

Alan B. Krueger Bendheim Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University

He has published widely on the economics of education, terrorism, labor demand, income distribution, social insurance, labor market regulation and environmental economics. Since 1987 he has held a joint appointment in the Economics Department and Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University. He is the founding Director of the Princeton University Survey Research Center and a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research and of the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA). He is the author of What Makes A Terrorist: Economics and the Roots of Terrorism and Education Matters: A Selection of Essays on Education, and co-author of Myth and Measurement: The New Economics of the Minimum Wage, and co-author Inequality in America: What Role for Human Capital Policies? He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Russell Sage Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, and the American Institutes for Research. He is a member of the editorial board of Science, and was editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives from 1996 to 2002 and co-editor of the Journal of the European Economic Association from 2003-05. In 1994-95 he served as Chief Economist at the U.S. Department of Labor. He is currently a member of the Executive Committee of the International Economic Association and serves as chief economist for the National Council on Economic Education. He was named a Sloan Fellow in Economics in 1992 and an NBER Olin Fellow in 1989-90. He was elected a Fellow of the Econometric Society in 1996, a fellow of the Society of Labor Economists in 2005 and a member of the Executive Committee of the American Economic Association in 2004. He was awarded the Kershaw Prize by the Association for Public Policy and Management in 1997 (for distinguished contributions to public policy analysis by someone under the age of 40) and Mahalanobis Memorial Medal by the Indian Econometric Society in 2001. In 2002 he was elected a fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, and in 2003 he was elected a fellow of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. He was awarded the IZA Prize in Labor Economics with David Card in 2006. From March 2000 to March 2006 he was a regular contributor to the "Economic Scene" column in the New York Times. He received a B.S. degree (with honors) from Cornell University's School of Industrial & Labor Relations in 1983, an A.M. in Economics from Harvard University in 1985, and a Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University in 1987.


His Boring Self Important Blog

Member Board of Directors, MacArthur Foundation, June 2008 - present.
Member Board of Trustees, Russell Sage Foundation, November 2004 - present.
Member Board of Directors, American Institutes for Research, October 1, 2002 - present.
Elected Member of the Executive Committee, American Economic


Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote this post clearly has a personal vendetta against Mr. Wallace. Kim has been putting in 18-20 hour days for the past MONTH AND A HALF trying to help this country's economy back on it's feet. What has the author of this article been doing but sitting at his computer and scoffing at every attempt by the President to improve our government. Who the hell are you to call him a sleazebag, when i know from personal experience that he told me a year before the economic downturn that Lehman was into some shading business and the economy was in trouble. This article is nothing but biased garbage, and i can tell you from being around Kim most of my life that he is no sleazebag, and the fact that you would think so makes wonder what kind of person you are. Lehman was a very respectable firm up until about a year and a half ago. Again, this artice angers me beyond what i thought immature internet bloggers could make me.

Anonymous said...

You are SO WRONG about Kim Wallace it is actually mind boggling. He by no means elitist, and cares about all of America. Based on your snarky, and generally stupid and childish side comments on Kim, I'm surprised that you are able to live with yourself. What do you think gives you the right to comletly blast Mr. Wallace. What have you done for our economic situation, besides getting fat sitting at your computer, writing about these nomminees? Im used to reading this kind of thing on Facebook, by high schoolers, but i thought that people who would analize politics would be about such language. Please find a new carerr, because this is not the one for you.

Royce Penstinger said...

Dear Anonymous:

Sure, you are so close to Kim Wallace that you sign onto my blog as a nobody...that speaks volumes. Identify yourselves.

As to my remarks about Kim admit yourself as a CLOSE FRIEND WHO HAS KNOWN HIM FOR SOME TIME that he knew about Lehman BEFORE IT CRASHED...funny how there is NOTHING showing that Kim CAME FORWARD WITH what he knew so that maybe some Americans retirement funds could have been saved.

Tell us there Mr/Mrs Anonymous what Kim's position is on illegal aliens, on letting illegal aliens get 300,000 jobs from the Stimulus because President Obama is sucking up to the Pro Illegal ALiens groups, working with them to WRONGFULLY tie E Verify to Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

That's like talling a woman you'll put a rubber on AFTER YOU HAVE RAPED HER. Yes Main Street Americans, we will give you E Verify right after we give the seven million illegal aliens that stole your jobs AMNESTY....with all due respect, screw your dear Mr. Wallace, and screw the president, as that is TREASON TO THE PEOPLE.

As for his 18-20 hours a day in the last month working on the's NOT WORKING, and all Kim and his cohorts have done is FURTHER SCREW MAIN STREET AMERICANS in the name of Wall Street crooks, scum bag bankers, and illegal aliens who have their homes in foreclosure...OH, let me quess, you don't want us Americans realizing how many Illegal Aliens will be able to REFINANCE with Obama's mortage bailout plan? The 300,000 jobs OBama is handing them PALES IN COMPARISON!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is great!! Thank goodness real Americans are taking time to expose the corruption and hypocracy that is Washington, DC, the Obama administration and the pathetic appointees he has mustered so far... surely their are more talented, better qualified and less tainted people to choose from... I would be happy to help with the search!! Thank you to the main contributors of this blog!!

Larry19611961 said...

More anonymous fools, sheep being led to the slaughter...We are in deep trouble...

Anonymous said...

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